More options for Pal Chests

Can we please have more offers to buy pal chests instead of only 500 or 7500 gems?
The 500 gems offer is not really worth it and the 7500 gems offer is good but too expensive.

What about new offers with only 1, 2, 3 guaranteed pals?
So we don’t have to waste 500 gems on pal treat or spend tons of gems to get something decent.


   Maybe add at least 4 offers like we have for Uber Chests

THANK YOU! We need several more choices for buying Pal Chests, instead of the over-priced for very rarely good rewards pal chest or the very expensive pal package which gives us plenty of good stuff! I would love to have a 1750 gem offer (cause less chests have to be for more gems than a 20 chest package) for 5 pal chests and an automatic 2 pals! Of course, to add to this, the number of automatic pals in the 20x chests should be bumped up a little bit

I bought those Pal chests offers only one time and ever since that I only go to that screen to collect the free chests.

I would be spending way more gems there if we had some decent offers between 500 and 7500 gems.