More Power To Sergeant Rank

If more ranks are added its good enough but still there are few things that sergeants can enjoy

  1. notification chat. If someone makes spam notification he will be demoted

  2. vip chat participation if possible. or at least spying

Just these two for now which I would like to see implemented.

More can be recruiting new members. Launching wars. Generals can promote upto sergeants. Conquest war approval system.

I donot know yet but I hope sergeants can start watch tower upgrades and collect them

Already available. 

I didn’t know that but what I know is Sergeants can only start upgrade watchtowers and assign troops nothing else. I would like to see more power in them


I would like to see less power in sergeants. Towers should only be for a new rank higher than general, imo.

I agree. There are times when sergeants in my alliance have been asked to start research, and as of now we can’t. That would allow our generals/leader more time to sleep as we are a multinational alliance. The sergeants/generals/leaders take turns watching over the conquest board, but are in full contact with each other so we all know exactly what is going on with tower building, soldier distribution, research building, etc. We have a great alliance, and granting sergeants the ability to start research would also help out the leadership, at least in our alliance.