More Problems - Camping the gate.

I just hemoraged 50 trophies from someone who camped my gate!  Yet another problem to address.  You should get not more than two attcks to take the gate.  If you don’t take an island after the second attempt, you are done!  Otherwise, someone can just Raid all day!  I could have made better use of my $$ at the pub!! 

I hear that

I bet in time they implement something like this for two reasons. You attack say twice like you mentioned and can’t beat them. Whether those were legitimate losses or not the island is replaced with a new foe. Maybe someone you can beat now and you don’t have a island being held by a foe that you can’t beat. 


My two cents. 

That would work. Or they can not give more than 3-5 trophys for a 2 keys victory. Yet 30 for a win. No one would waste their time

You 2 cents is worth 1,000,000 Gems! That’s literally what they should do.

Well I would accept that!

Yeah, it’s not clear to me why if you defend your base successfully, as a defender you still lose trophies. I can understand maybe neutral trophies to the attacker if very close to winning.

A combat log would certainly help clarify if this is truly abused or not. I’m a bit suspicious of the ~300 trophy drop since last night from 3400 to 3100 if I was target of such strategy, or just normalizing against other strong players. 

Hey everyone,

If you’re seeing some big drops right now, it’s most likely due to the trophy system normalising (as you correctly supposed).

There are still some strong players out there who are below the trophy range they will eventually settle in. Expect this to begin smoothing out much more quickly after the last update. It should not be normal that players will win more than a very very small amount of trophies if they don’t beat you (usually they won’t win any)… Unless you’re way above the trophy average for your level.

However, remember that as you climb tiers in the Hall of Fame, your Heroes are able to sustain more defeats before they are beaten back to Mount Olympus, so just because they aren’t sent back, does not mean the opponent didn’t beat your defense.

Things that need resolution, add a Combat Log so we know what’s going on, make an uptick in “attackable” opponents either ones you can defeat handily, closely, barely lose , forced to gem but still beatable, or hell even npcs… Right now I feel punished for being Ascension 51 and active. It’s like difficulty is set to suicide on my map. Maybe it’s because the games still normalizing but I can’t tell the difference at this point because I haven’t had a positive experience since last week.

Why did the monster islands lose the 32 cups they gave out? I thought that’s how more trophies entered the system. Opponents need to be based of ranking and not level or how else will we steal any of the 5000 cups from the top player?

I just keep facing the same people struggling like them to move back up. All we seem to be doing is stealing cups from each other, while low level high ranking ppl are just sitting pretty.

Its a bug… If you got less trophies from monsters islands contact the support… You will get compensatory ? 

Just unlocked the griffon islands and they are all worth 10 trophies to complete

tempting offer but I might pass on doing these islands lol

Thanks Captain. 

So are the big drops also related to un-seen buffs by opponents with AL 10 or more below yours?  It appears to me that I can see most of the opponents within a few lvls (and active) buffs.  When someone appears on my map 10 levels or higher they almost always appear un-buffed even if they are in a high level alliance.  (A good alliance wouldn’t be caught dead with buffs down)

I still strongly believe that if you lose an attack you should lose trophies

You’ve lost a battle, why should there be no consequences? The thing is that gaining a “small amount” even when you lose will quickly add up for some large losses in trophies for the defender. At this time with the recent defense nerfs you will be losing a lot of battles

i do agree that you should only lose a small amount when attacking higher levels and a larger amount when you attack people around your level

when I say larger I’m not meaning 30+ but a more reasonable number

just my opinion ?