More Promotions Levels, please

After wars, when it’s time to award promotions, the Founder/ Promoter faces a challenge with senior members… no more promotions possible. Besides giving access to certain additional features for the promotee, the Promote option is an excellent tool (like in companies) for Reward & Recognition. So, may I request additional & multiple levels (more, the better) of membership for a steady R&R. I submit a sample list of 20 ranks below for a focused discussion. Rank titles are simplified for global understanding. 

  1. Founder (full access, including terminate & edit alliance info)
  2. General ranks (previous rights + access to promote/ demote members, but not terminate or edit alliance info)
  3. 5-Star General
  4. 4-Star General
  5. 3-Star General
  6. 2-Star General
  7. 1-Star General
  8. Commander ranks (previous rights + access to initiate war strikes)
  9. 5-Stripe Commander
  10. 4-Stripe Commander
  11. 3-Stripe Commander
  12. 2-Stripe Commander
  13. 1-Stripe Commander
  14. Major ranks (previous rights + access to set/ change war markers)
  15. Rank 1 Major
  16. Rank 2 Major
  17. Rank 3 Major
  18. Rank 4 Major
  19. Rank 5 Major
  20. Lieutenant ranks (Blessings + access to Invite players)
  21. Lieutenant First Class
  22. Lieutenant Second Class
  23. Lieutenant Third Class
  24. Cadet (entry-/ punitive-level with no blessings)

If the Founder becomes Inactive, the senior-most officer automatically becomes the Founder. However, if the Founder becomes active again, s/he starts at a 5-Star General rank. 

Drawing from @Morgul’s suggestion here, I have added a bottom-most level without Blessings as a deterrent for alliance-hoppers. 

Thanks. ?

Once again another good suggestion. ?

I have an idea I would like to share, which has to do with the top ranking members in an alliance.

I would like to be able to reward my fellow members with more then a mer thanks, a pat on the shoulder, kind words,  ranks and blessings.

Such as having the ability that would allow founders to reward their members for recruiting, (10.000 gold or 5 gems) leading a war (500.000 gold or 50 gems) innovative ideas and et cetera the reasons above are examples. 

Now the gold it wouldn’t bother me if it came from my personal treasury, actually that would be preferable. ? As for the gems it would be nice if I could reward other players with those I have in possession already. ? If this suggestion does not benefit the company financially, then I propose to add the option to the shop that gems and gold can be bought for individual players. ?

Thanking you for reading and as always strike swiftly. ? 

I believe that gifting gems is not allowed for some practical reasons and also by the terms of service of some of the hosting platforms. Gifting gold should be possible though. 

@AriesRising Wow, I feel like I’m in the army.