More PvE feature - Boss raid

Flothaboss should design a base that has 300 forges on each and every tower/obstacle/ unit used (100 each perk). Players are able to attempt once a day but will use up max food count whatever their max silo capacity is. No scrolls or revive allowed.


The base design changes once a week.


In other words, players have 7 attempts to do the challenge (once a day before the base is changed again), and rewards shall be given upon success. (Once successful, no more attempts can be done).

You forget all possible elite boosts, war boosts, pro boosts, conquest boosts and special war season boosts (all of them at the maximum level). Beast must be at level 10 for kings at level 130 and with 1 million of pals donated. Ninjas, zombies and yetis must be at tier 14.

free stuff for level 150 kings but nothing for lv 20 kings?