More quests & better quest rewards

I would like to have more quests to make the game even more interesting. I’m now reaching a point where it takes a loooooong time to complete a quest (in a way that’s OK, it’s just a matter of time) but new ones would be appreciated. Also, please improve the rewards on some of them. 20 gems to use one spell for 50 000 times or a few vouchers for winning the diamond league, that sounds like a joke especially when you can get much more in the chamber. The new release would have been a great time to introduce the new quests.

I agree for more quests especially now that they added more new things (troop, spell)

Yeah really wish for more quests and achievements to hunt…

Everything u all want more is ok but no more gems distribute,this is official spokesperson from glare,ahahaha

this is almost the same as i requested at:

because my blacksmith is upgrading, no war season , next worker frees up 3 days it is a bit boring for me to raid for nothing :slight_smile:


At least one new gems dungeon :slightly_frowning_face:

More Vouchers granted for completing Quests would really be nice!!!

If there was a Storyline, would be nice to have many Story related Quests as well! ~Just saying :stuck_out_tongue: