MORE Selestial Boosts

Could we have more Selestial Boosts even new price to prolong…maybe to level 35 or more

example for selestial boosts:

  • more % speed upgrade skills ( we could have 5 workers, but only 1 to upgrade skill and too many skills to up)

  • Decrease price of Gold to go Odysseus

  • Decrease price of Wilson to go Odysseus

  • Bonus gold every match


One more question that: would you set more level ancesion or just stay lv.131, to fix about problem of old forcing system, some super item still there

Thank you

The first example I mentioned twice already, so like that very much, the other 3 are all very good ideas :grinning:  

Now that the dominance requirements for heroes was lowered, the dominance boosts are even less useful. I’d like to see them replaced with one of these suggestions. Or more high end boosts added. It would be a reason to keep upgrading decorations. 

Adding new celestial boost is fine but wouldn’t that will increase thier costs as well.

I already find paying 333 gems for seven days (Lilltle expensive ? )

And of couse please add new decoration designs too.(because if new celsetials boost are included than we need more decorations items to achieve more prestige points)





@HOLYDIVINE prestige is 280k now after done all decorations ???