More specific 'Apply to join' option for an alliance

Everytime I log in there is at least one request if not more from a below 1k trophy guy to join the alliance. And they come regularly nd sometimes multiple times.

Can’t we hv a basic setting when we choose the ‘apply to join’ option for the alliance, that includes min player nd alliance tower lvl!?

Even the player who wants to apply wont hv to apply to 20 different alliances nd then go about changing alliances when he receives multiple acceptances. And he will also know how much to improve before applying to the target alliance!


I totally agree here.


Options could be :

  • Minimum King level
  • Minimum Trophies
  • Minimum donation

An alliance could accept request only from level 80+ king with 100k+ daily donations.

Yep, good idea for better communication.

I know these ideas hv already been discussed nd I hope a version of them will be applied;

*player history : it can include previous alliances, donation/week, daily nd war season activity, red bumps for leaving during war season, green bumps for donations via gems etc

Also someone wrote about daily donation amount for alliances. War time activity %age of the members active can also be included.

And the best thing is they do not need to be added to the game. The data can be posted on a separate webpage. Whoever’s interested can go nd look!

Seemingly none of these great suggestions were ever considered by the development team, although such a change would be extremely beneficial for any alliance.