More than 1 account


i would like to ask if it is possible to have more than 1  royals revolt account and play it on the same device.

i have a windows 8.1 btw , i would just like to be able to play on a diferent account if its possible, i am on a computer so if i have to change some files please tell me


thanks in advance

it may be possible. good luck.

How would i do it though?

Create an additional User account and install the game again on this account.

Just use another Live-Account to sign in to W8.

that profile pic is goood.

I have created another account in store but it didn’t work . So do you mean to create a whole computer different account or what ? I’m onlky using windows 8.1 on my tablet so I’m a noob with it

I meant create an additional user account, not sure how its exactly worded in English but let me try:


From “Start” Choose “System Settings” -> “Accounts” -> “Additional Accounts” -> “Add accounts”…

Although flare has not banned anyone having multiple accounts it’s a violation of the TOS. 

anyone knows WHY it is not allowed to play more than one account?

Why not?) i think all Flare decisions r going for this questions))) l

In “normal” games you have one account and can play different characters or have some save slots within this one account.
I don’t know, why Flare didn’t implement it that way and forces players to create a new account, when they want to start new
or are bored while waiting for those 10 day upgrades to finish  :huh:

It’s a grey area, having multiple accounts usually doesn’t hurt.

However it can be abused in several ways that grant an advantage over other players, that would be bannable.

Just playing a second account without interacting with your main account, should be fine.


The rule rarely gets enforced, unless abused.

so… U suggest that, the game is not normal… so WE the people :slight_smile: of RR2… we are not normal to !!! :grinning:

I dont see how i can abuse that, if i would create new character and help him with higher lvl one.

Insta troops, yes, havin maxed out monster foe example on low lvl king would give big advantage.

But i can get that same result if some high lvl player invites me in to the game. and flare says we should do that!

And its still NOT cheating in any way, it is build into the game mechaniks.

And there is a lot of waiting in this game, so i dont see why someone couldn’t play with several accounts. after all that could create more money for flaregames. 

I just dont see why it is against the rules.

I never heard anyone getting banned because of playing on 2 (or more) accounts, but why that rule exists? i think people should be allowed to play as much (with as many accounts) as they wish, as long as playing within the rules of the game.

I think if you play as two separate players then you should not have any issues, I see many accounts that seem to be duplicates.

And honestly two people using the same computer or one using two accounts … how would  you Know?