more than 30 battles in ninja event?

I wonder, if you don’t get 3 stars on the “+2 extra battles” island , but destroy the portal in ninja event and then you attack and finish it again do you get +4 battles in total?

I am pretty sure somebody tried it already…

not a chance !! you’ll get +2 extra battles only if you destroy the portal and get three crowns !! -_-

Well, I didn’t get three crowns, I destroyed portal and got +2 battles.

So, I wonder if I should attack it again as I unaware of the 30 battle limit repeated one other battle at the beginning and now I will be one short for dreadnought. 

can help, didn’t try it !! nd my battles already finished !! :wacko:

Yes, you can progress further if you destroy the portal and don’t get 3 crowns. But  I think you won’t receive two additional battles to two battles you already god from that particular base, probably no one tested it on purpose because we would lose one battle if it didn’t work. At the same time, never seen someone with more than 30 battles made, though I’ve seen reports of someone who got more coins than maximum for a particular tier, wonder how and why, maybe jus ta bug or maybe there is a way to get some more coins and maybe what you are saying have some sense.

that would make sense because in this way you get to open the cof chests twice for the same island

Been asking about double CoF thing Alysea and she confirmed it wouldn’t be beneficial to go to the same CoF twice so I assume you wouldn’t find any coins in there (+ as long as you don’t have any extra battles than those 30 itthat wouldn’t make any sense to try one base twice).

So yeah, it actually answers the question, if Alysea was right saying double CoF won’t benefit you, even if there was a way to get additional battles you wouldn’t be able to get more coins than a maximum number.


hahaha, it seems that first hours support did that - give additional battles

I can bet all my ninja coins on that :slight_smile:

yes if you didn’t have any more than 30 battles it would be not beneficial to go twice for the same cof as you would have too skip one other battle which would give you more just from the raid. But if more than 30 is possible…

It probably is as in the war skulls in the cof still count but the second raid not.

My game crashed once, so i missed the drednought, and could not beat the villan :slightly_frowning_face:

Please fix the crash issue, and also if we cant win one battle due to bug / crash, make it still possible for us to win.