More than one pal in battles

I wish that you could use more than one pet in the battle. For example, you could choose Tammy and Bela together and use them together in the battle. 


But with one restriction, should only exist for normal pets and the pets from the Pro League (like Phoebe) should still be able individually  and not together, otherwise it would be too easy/difficult. 



The same goes for the beasts. The first beast should appear at the forst crown and the second beast at the second crown. 

I think one beast/pal is enough… having two would make attacking too easy

I agree - unless you could have more than one beast in defense, which is quite ridiculous.

Even then, the pal has a lot more effect on offense than beasts do on defense, so even with another beast I don’t think it would be entirely fair. And any more than 2 beasts would be chaotic lol