More transparency from RR2 on cheaters

As much as I understand that it is bad to accuse someone of cheating without proof, therefore, information of such accusation cannot be published, it is a whole different story when investigation is done and it is already proven that a player is indeed a cheater.


Thus, it would be nice if there is a section in the forum, in the name of transparency, to publish the list of cheaters that Flare has already proven, so players can be aware of it. It will definitely help players to feel vindicated as well when they were the victims of these cheaters. In addition, players who pay will also feel that they are getting their money’s worth when they know these cheaters are being banned, because payers pay to have legitimate advantages in the game. If they are in the dark as to whether cheaters are being banned, then they won’t know for sure if they are just paying for an advantage that others are getting through cheating while Flare is not or unable to catch them.

Hi Falke,

I understand the wish for this, however, we will not publish a list of names of players who cheated. We value all of our players’ privacy.

But I think the more important question is rather what are we doing against cheaters and I want you to be assured that we have systems in place and we continuously aim to improve our efforts so that everyone can enjoy a fair game.

We also welcome every person who helps us make the game a safer place via the cheat detection part of the forum. Thank you for that.


Even if they would publish the names on a “Wall of Shame”, they are already banned so what would be your benefit?


If there are 20 banned players from a particular alliance, then the community here can stay away from that alliance. Additionally, the transparency gives extra accountability against Flare too, as the community will be able to see if Flare is doing or isn’t doing anything against that alliance.


The accountability may be onerous on Flare’s part, but ultimately, it is to their benefit. Right now, many who used to pay a lot are no longer paying because, like I said, there’s no point in paying for something in a game when the developers are unable to catch the cheaters. Those advantages one pay for becomes useless.


Right now, we only have Flare’s unilateral promise that they are doing something, while we cannot really be certain that the cheaters are really being banned.


In any event, Flare has replied, so I suppose the confidence level of the customers will remain unchanged in regards to the issue of players hacking and cheating.

If we had the option to review last raid against our base, when the gate was beaten, it would be a great opportunity to review suspicious raids. 

Sometimes when there is a doubt, there is no doubt. I also had a person from a very low alliance raiding me with non boosted troops that won a couple of days ago. 

Only… it’s hard to proof without any way to deliver evidence and accusing someone without evidence is not done. I realize it’s impossible to store all videos of raids, but when for example the video last time your gate was beaten can be reviewed, this would already catch a lot of cheaters. It would definitely scare away cheaters, since they realize they take a risk being caught. 

Of course there are other options. Just after knocking down the gate, verify statistics of spells, troops, pal and so on used during the raid with actual statistics for that player. When they don’t match, then store that video and review it. When values/statistics differ, the player might have messed with those values. For example when hammerstrike of a certain player has 15k damage and during the raid the damage suddenly is 50k, then it’s obvious the player was cheating. Or when for example frenzies suddenly have range 10 during the raid, it’s also obvious we can speak of foul play.

Exactly! Putting them on a Wall of Shame wouldn’t be shame really, it’d be more like a Wall of Fame

My question is what is preventing these known cheaters from starting another account under a different name, and cheating yet again?


I would say, it takes a lot of time to level up everything again, plus find pretty good items. After being banned a couple of times and the need to start over again, that would become boring for some cheaters.

You could also give a ban on ip address. That it would also affect family of the cheater I am fully aware of. They could deliver a warning popup on those accounts first that account name xxx was caught cheating and by the next catch of a cheater all accounts will be banned. If for example I would get that warning and one of my kids would be caught, I would have a very serious conversation with the one that did cheat. I hate cheaters, it’s not done. If you want to cheat, play a single player game.

Somebody normal with good logic will do it in a single game but I have no clue why some have more fun to scrap or broke multiplayer game when they cheat. I think its close all multiplayer who are attacked by cheater and hacker. 

I think a list of current types of cheating should be allowed so we know what to watch for? Because some really weird score changing went on in my league this evening???

The reason I was asking is because I’ve seen weird things happen in my account, as well as my boyfriend’s account as well. Things like when opening guardian chests and getting 2 or 3 guardians, only 1 would actually register as being received…or being online, going into the throne room to check on what gear should be used for a battle or some other activity that does not use any gold/gems, and returning to base, and missing 500 gems or 200k gold. ***** weird stuff that shouldn’t be happening is happening.