More visibility for full war map, please

"Newb Enablers" series

A seemingly superfluous request, would it be possible to enable seeing the full war map at a glance by zooming out further? Taking the best example of the largest war format (Campaign), currently, we can see unhindered one quadrant at full zoom out. In a full zoom-out covering the entire war map, War Managers, when they log in, could see the full map at a glance and instantaneously understand the war status without having to drag around the map. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration. ☺️

It would be nice to add for example a button to go to the full map.


If you’ve played games like Farming Simulator (and I know that’s not the greatest of games lol, but it has this feature in it), you can zoom out of the map by just tapping a button and it’s very simple. It’d be extremely easy to add a one button feature in this kind of game where there doesn’t even have to be a real zoom out graphic added in