more visible cursor

Does anyone else lose track of their cursor during battle because it blends in with the background? This happens to me a lot and causes my hero to just take damage while I try to locate the cursor. I would like to have an option for different kinds or colors for our cursors.

Or if not a number of freely selectable cursors, then maybe hard-code one cursor for each environment - e.g. a blue/green one for desert, a white one for the dark graveyard, a red one for the forest, etc.?

It would be great to have the opposite color of the battle field since it is difficult to see where you are at different points during the game.

Yeah , sometimes I clicked on the scroll . So annoying .

I lose track of it all the time. But I thought they purposely designed the game this way. Like when a battle becomes a bit chaotic or running out of time it becomes even harder to maintain composure. That’s why I thought they had different environments to make the cursor harder to see. Overall I like it.

Facing same problem with new account on PC too :slightly_frowning_face:

One possible advantage of having a cursor over a touch screen it the ability to ‘tag’ towers with it, (cursor over it and click) once tagged your troops will normally attack it, this is particularly handy when there are fb towers in corners that pyros sometimes miss. I am touchscreen so can’t take advantage of it (unless someone knows a way).

Will try this. I should probably use a mouse instead of the touchpad for better movement. I think this is the main reason why I lose my cursor.

I didn’t know you could tag a tower in this manner, thanks for the tip, will give it a try.

Thats weird I’ve been able to tag towers for my pyro on Lumia 720

I find the mouse pointer almost impossible to see some times, especially on white/winter back grounds, please add the feature of making it bigger and a little easier to find, thanks…

is the mouse pointer on you desktop the same as on the game? If it is, maybe you can change your own mouse pointer.


Me too same problem sometimes i do not recognize where is gone the mouse (cursor RR2 style), probably add a feature that you can change the color or to show it more identifiable ?

why not change your background

Ive had same problem. not only that but I run the app on one of a few moniters hooked up to my computer.

the winter and Christmas landscapes really messed w my mind.


I solved by making the mouse pointed larger and changed the color of pointer.


go to control panel in Windows and find mouse options and tinker with that a lil.

It is not my background that is a problem, it is when I go to some one else’s for a battle, or even the dungeon some times, and no changing the setting of the mouse you use with windows, does not change the game mouse at all…

I think this has already been discussed… suggestions back then included a “contrast color” cursor with color depending on current landscape or background color.

Take a look here:


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Yes I see that, thanks :slight_smile:

Since a few of us are having the same problem, maybe they will fix it some how? One never knows…