Mortal Legend V- Strong and Active- Seeking loyal kings.

We are all bloodthirsty maniacs who just want to see our enemies suffer, but we are all friendly (to each other at least) and have a great time playing this game together!

Alliance name : Mortal Legend V       Alliance level : 17           Alliance languages : English, French

Motto : “Alone we are mere mortals.  Together we can become immortal legends!”

Goal : We want to grow to be as strong as we possibly can.  This will be done with loyal allies who become our friends.

War History : We are a relatively new alliance, but we are growing in strength and size quickly!  Against all odds we are victorious in battle!  

  1. Acute Archery- 1st place- +4 Fiefdoms
  2. Rotten Times- 1st place- +5 Fiefdoms
  3. Vault Assault- 2nd place- +2 Fiefdoms (against much stronger opponents)
  4. Savage Struggle- 1st place- +4 Fiefdoms
  5. Blazing Inferno- 2nd place- +2 Fiefdoms (against much stronger opponents)

Recruitment Requirements : Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

  • Players must remain active by participating in wars.- If you won’t fight for us when we need your help, then we don’t want you. 
  • Players must donate daily.- Donations allow us to finance wars and boosts, and this is how our alliance will grow.
  • Players must show respect to each other.- We want to form close bonds that inspire friendship and loyalty.
  • Trophies- 1500+
  • Donation- 50k+ or the intention to upgrade to at least this level.

How to apply:  Please post the following information.  You can look us up in game and join, but we will kick you if you don’t meet our requirements.

  • King’s Name
  • King’s Level
  • Current Trophies
  • Current Donation Amount
  • Language Spoken

Come have some fun with us, and we’ll become legends together!


Join us :slight_smile:



We have one slot open right now.  Let me know if you’re interested!

War starts tomorrow morning.  We have 21 active members and have room for one more.  Let me know if you’re interested.