Mortar Boosts?

I love mortars, and I was wondering if there could be a new mortar boost, there was one a long time ago, but it doesn’t exist anymore.

Ideas (I’m not saying they should all go in one boost)

-More Range (because its a Mortar)

-maybe the bombs would explode instantly? Or turn into frag bombs?

-To shoot faster

-To slow the units

-To be more resistant to fire

-More health

-More damage

-Stun effect

-some blunt damage

-Mortars die dropping a bomb

-larger explode radius

There are lots of options, though I’m fine with just one :slight_smile:

There already is an awesome Mortar boost called “Putrid Prowler” it has that “Huge Range” that you mentioned, and mortar bombs do explode pretty much instantly. If you want to get a good look at the Putrid Prowler, check out flare’s “In a Minute” video on it


There is another Mortar Boost which makes Mortars shoot and move extremely fast, but I forget what it’s called

I think you are talking about this one 


Thanks :), I guess I never saw it yet