Most disappointing moments?

What’s the most disappointing moment you’ve ever had in RR2? I can think of two off the top of my head.

  1. Getting a notification in my mailbox after I invited someone :wink:

  2. Spending 36 gems for the final prize, and only getting a Common-tier item.

Getting my internet turned off during a match in the game.

Losing connection right after I 3-crowned a person’s base :frowning: ! And I didn’t get a reward!

• when I removed some ruins off my base area and they misteriously came back. 500 gems wasted for nothing


• when I stored my level 8 barricades and a bug reseted them back to level 1!


• when we were leading the Alliance Wars but there wasn’t enough time to start the last battle and we would fall to 2nd place.


• when we went to a friendly Alliance to guarantee our 1st position with the last battle in the Alliance Wars and a member who doesn’t understand english left them and returned to our alliance on the last minutes when we got the lead by 2k skulls, and then the enemy got the lead! MAJOR PLOT TWIST

(he came back a few minutes later and we won)

Losing first (on my smaller account) in alliance wars by 8 skulls! :stuck_out_tongue:

> Runs ahead

> Just about to die from Firebolt

> Need to take down Blockade to escape

> Down to its last health

> Summon Mummy

> Elite Arblasters coming. It’s ok, I have a Swordrain.

> Need only one more hit from the mummy to pass & escape

> Mummy stun Blockade

> I Swordrain Arbs

> Arbs heal Blockade

> I cannot escape

> Firebolt kills me

> A hacker attacked me while online. I had been on for 10 minutes (and quite active) when someone with the profile name of BenAsh attacked me. I had great internet (which was a first) and had been collecting gold from taverns when I noticed that the guide girl was swearing and all that. I wait awhile, check my history, and it says that they attacked ‘2 minutes and 23 seconds’ (or something like that) ago.

Running out of time or just about to take down castle gate needed only 5 secs to get 3 crowns

Lose a raid for 0,000001 millisecond…

Thanks, in advance, for any info







ไฮไลท์บอล คู่เด็ด ทุกคู่ ทุกแมต ไม่พลาด ได้ที่นี่ ไฮไลท์ฟุตบอล

When I left my phone unlocked in my pocket, cost me 70 gems, of my starting gems…

Upgraded 12M last level castle gate. Poor internet connection. I thought I upgraded, when I came back after office, my 12M decreased to safe gold level of 750K.