Most efective landscape?

What do you guys think, what is the most effective landscape, what landscape gives attacker the most trouble?

I couldn’t care less about music or look, I appreciate robotic efficiency and cruelty :wink:


I am very cheap, so no way I’m gonna buy one, except the one, with the vouchers. So I want to make sure I make the right decision.


For gift, I got Christmas, which, surprisingly, is very dark and a little confusing for the attacker.


But I suppose graveyard and burning rocks are better? But than, which one is THE best overall?


Cast your vote!

I wrote a bible about all type landscapes characteristics you can check it here: 

also here in the wikia:

However if you want an immediately answer:  Burning Rocks  :grinning:


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Yup, I saw that post, but that is about most favorite landscape… Which does not necessarily have to mean the best.

I read whole of it, but it was pretty tight between Burning Rocks and Graveyard.


So I thought to have a definitive answer.


But thanks for answering!

Probably I should hijack already existing similar threads in the future.

It’s been about over half a year (actually rather 10 months now… time is passing) since I bought the graveyard environment after facing it many times and personally viewing it as the most difficult/annoying environment to attack, and I didn’t regret that ever since.

For looking at your own base, I don’t like it at all (too depressing and hard to see, just as for raiding it; even though its visual quality isn’t any worse than the others), but that was clear to me before I bought it. 


I have faced burning rocks often as well, and recently bought it for vouchers. I like the visual appearance, and it’s dark as well, but for me graveyard always was (also a year ago) and still is by far more annoying and “effective” than burning rocks, because the lighting of graveyard is considerably darker than burning rocks imho. 


Christmas is relatively dark lighting wise (not as dark as graveyard though), but the environment itself is rather light, so it’s better so see things there. Some windows users reported problems seeing their cursor (blueish tone) on the blueish color of the dark snow environment in the christmas theme, but I can’t really judge that being an Android user with touch screen instead of mouse. 


So for raw efficiency I vote graveyard. 


Btw, might be slightly offtopic, but the only thing I like so far about the vouchers is that one can buy environments for vouchers with a “1 gem to 1 voucher” price ratio. :slight_smile:

Needless to say, I recently bought all remaining environments for vouchers, thanks flare. 

I feel like they are all the same. Most will say advantage is the darkness and trees that sometimes hide towers, despite this i found it is easily avoided by adjusting the brightness to full capacity on the device you use and also moving the hero through the edges as you destroy towers and advance through to the gate checking all four sides exposing any hidden or missed towers.



Burning Rocks gives many times an illusion of towers that don’t exist. Annoying. Also very dark land


If you don’t want to invest gems/vouchers, use the Haunted forest.

It’s has more high trees. If you locate a lonely tower in a corner (firebolt is great) , there is a good chance of a nearby tree hiding it. Sometimes, the attacking king cannot see these hidden towers and goes forward. This remaining firebolt will be a pain in the ass for the advancing troops later.