Most Gold Ever Raided?

Raided 650k enemy and ended with ~1.1m


what was your highest?


post screen shots if you have them :slight_smile:

Well I do not have screenshots but my highest raid is 900k and highest in this game till now is of flothaboss I guess(he uploaded the video of his loot on YouTube) but I am not sure.

I made 980k once



*Atlas removed his defense to help me get some gold, shhhh  :wink:


whatever, it’s a raid  :sunglasses:

The most I got, including all boosts, is 1.456k gold! Got a screenshot of it on my phone, will take a look if I can upload it this afternoon :sunglasses:

around 750K and 110% gold boost so it was round 1.6M :slight_smile:

Got 1.150.00 with alliance bonus , not my best but in treasure chest i found  around 50k in the first , 400k gold armor in the second and 300k in the third ! So about 1.9M Gold in 1 raid…

wow very nice dave!

The highest I have got is 700K with 27% gold bonus

With gold boost from gear and alliance was about 1.55m if I remember correctly. Plus 70 gems on chamber of fortune on top of it :wink:

I raided 10.5mil yesterday. Not all at once, of course ^_^’

With alliance gold boost and gold boost gear on, 1.65 mill. :slight_smile: