Most used troop combo( update 2.2)

I want to know which is the best used troop combo…

There are several good combos, but they depend on the base you raid, the forges you already made on your troops, plus on other factors like scream boost plus leadership. Also the fact that a troop can be unboosted also should be considered. I would never use an unboosted archer for example

When you for example raid a base with mostly elite mummies, a good combination would be froster, boosted archer and some other troop, while against a base with mainly storm cannons using that combo is literally asking for troubles. When you have low scream boost and add wolf to your combination, you aren’t able to keep the wolf near your troops, so it’s no smart idea at that moment. Adding a combo of only high morale units like ogre, monk and wolf for example is also a bad idea when your leadership is too low.

So that limits your choice of troops already. Also a troop boost or not boosted determines the usefullness of a troop. After holding reckon with leadership and morale plus boosts, the right combo mainly depends for the rest on weaknesses of towers plus troops in defense. When I see a base with only non long ranged troops (ogre, wolf, archer) it’s smart to use long ranged troops that are able to take out towers plus troops.

Archer for example has very low range. When defending base has long ranged troops plus mass damage towers like skull a lot, I think the archer really needs backup from at least a troop that is able to take care of the long ranged defending troops plus towers. Otherwhise your archer is dead before even taking a shot. Conclusion on this is that troops should help each other and work as a team to destroy the raided base.

So the answer on this question is hard to give. I forged a lot of range on my arbs, so for me it’s one of the units I have at my arsenal 95% of the time. Since we boost knights and I improved their stats, that’s also one of the troops I use mainly. Other troop depends on what I face and what is boosted. Sometimes I use monk, sometimes froster, sometimes cannon. Maybe pyro would be a good choice also or ogre or even wolf.

I miss some troops plus combos in the available list of choices. And… I miss one very good combo, knights, monks, wolf.

What I try to explain is that there is no ultimate combo, it depends on lot of factors. Maybe the question should be, what is the most used combo.

Yes I agree with you but everyone have a special combo with special troop which they forged and made 'em extra strong. I wanted to know that combo. Such as your arblaster are very high ranged,so you make sure you will use them in every raid. Like my ogre have speed boost which is near canons boost. So I use it in every combo.


Knight+Ogre+Wolf works pretty well most of the time and it is quite good because those boosts are consistent and don’t change like war boosts.

Personally if I have froster I like to use knight+froster+wolf.

The rest of the troop combos don’t exist to me ( I’m talking about standar boosts and war boosts), however, sometimes there are some special war boosts that I like to use as well.

There are many. Those depends on firstly if your units are boosted and which units are boosted,then on your spells level, units level and the base you want to attack. As Mag said the most used combo is Knight-Wolf-Ogre. But there are many and many of them:

  • Knight-Wolf-Ogre,this is the most used (Obviously all of them boosted)
  • Knight-Froster-Cannon (Froster is useful even unboosted but thats depend on the base you want to face)
  • Knight-Arblaster-Cannon (Same previous condition)
  • Knight-Wolf-Cannon
  • Monk,Ogre,Wolf
  • Mummy,Ogre,Wolf
  • Knight,Froster (Boosted to be able to spawn dragofroster),Wolf
  • Knight,Pyromancer (Boosted to be able to spawn dracomancer),Wolf
  • Wolf,Ogre,Froster 
  • Monk,Wolf,Pyromancer
  • Monk,Froster,Wolf
  • Monk,Cannon,Arblaster
  • Monk,Ogre,Cannon

There are so many that i’m sure i will miss something. Is impossible to tell you the suitable and perfect combo since every player has its own. As i said that depends on many factors so you must choose the best one according to your offense level,both on spells level and units level. 

Maybe this poll should have the option to choose multiple combos, because no one raids with just one all the time. I usually use Knights always, with a ranged unit like Arbs, Frosters or Archers (depending on the boosts we have) and Cannons or Mummies (again depending on whether we have boosted mummy or not).

I use mainly mummy, arbs. and cannons