Most useless "special offer" ever

I just wanted to ask if anyone feels the same way as I do about this because…

This so called “special offer”, has just to be the most useless and dumbest thing ever.

So, the final question remains:
Is this the reason why we stopped having festivals?

Because if it is… I guess more and more players will be leaving this game.

They replaced festival with special offers. that’s the fast way for flare to get money.

And btw 20€ for that s**t life drain and piercing damage? what a fail… i understand it’s related to the mask but not even a full set could be done?  -_-

If they want to generate more revenue they would make wars more competitive. Having the ability to win better, more impactful boosts would fuel that competition. People and alliances would start spending more money to make sure they win those boosts and they would prolong them too.

Next is July 13, 2018 :mellow:・・・

Equipment to buy with ”money” is More attractive equipment would be good


I want something fun to wear everyday :wub:



Well, I am happy that I finally got Nidhoqq. I don`t care about the Items here. 

You need to do unique things that either will fall very rarely or have some effects, and then sell second hands.


I never buy any of those offers. It is unfair to those who don’t spend money, cause they can’t get those special gears, like we had in previous offers. Looks like the festivals have been replaced by those offers. No matter how useless those offers are, there will always be people who buy them, that’s why those offers stay. Why have festivals where people can get stuff for free, when you can simply offer them the stuff for money and they buy it

I think this offer would/could have been a different story about 6 months ago.

I’ve had the hockey mask and the sword Thirteen, both, in the past.  I’ve melted them down, and traded them for other items.  Now, what I look for is

  1. A set of equipment with Skull Perks that I can use during war season


  1. A set of equipment that has the Pro League Items that will give me the Pro Bonus

Neither of these items fit the bill.  They are items that I will typically find in an Uber Chest.  They will immediately go into the Blacksmith fire.

So… that leaves us with the other two items, the Pal and the Gems.  3,000 gems for $20 is not bad, but not great either.  (500 more gems than what you would normally get for $20).

Then there’s Nidhogg.  I don’t have Nidhogg, but he looks pretty cool.  I would like to use him on defense, but my alliance is going to need 50 surplus (or 100 total) before that’s even possible.  So not much there for me either.

So, in long-winded way, I agree with almost everyone.    

I think the best-deal going was that Skull Perks one from a month ago.  For guys like me, it gave us a shot (reasonably achievable goal) to get into the game.  

I just don’t understand why we can’t keep having festivals and these offers.

People who normally spend money would still keep buying these offers anyway, because its a better deal just for the gems.

Some players also spent gems on Festivals to buy the full set.

It would be a win-win situation for Flare… But I guess they just prefer to take all the fun away from us.


can you get an official answer that these proposals are replacing festivals? @FTB , @GalaMorgane

Offered on Friday the 13th…


I am one of those addicts that buys almost every special offer,  but this one I am going to pass on…

1 nidhogg, don’t need and 1 isn’t enticing. 

2 gears?  Why not a complete set?  I buy these packages to increase my inventory slots.  +9 to my slots would have been very worth it, but +2 does not interest me. 

I was actually looking forward to another offer with a full set and would have bought without hesitation, but this makes me sad and I will wait for the next one. 


Its offer for me, im still not have nidhogg

How did I miss that?  Nice catch!

I’ve got both Nidhogg (I bought it few days before “Summer festival”) both Thirteen. But this “one time offer” is a failure: none in my alliance haven’t donated Nidhogg in this weekend yet. Hockey mask can’t be worth as much as 8 unique super items.

It’s not hard to see that they could be reusing old festival assets to let us earn a pal that is pretty old already, but went the even cheaper route enticing us with a supposed limited time deal.

Remember when the incentives were there to spend MORE time in the game, maybe spending more cash on it, instead of instantly finishing stuff so that we’re forcing our own boredom? 

I got the same offer - and my opinion is that it is a bug.

(Flare has made big investments and there is a even a marketing team producing special offers that is really hard not to buy) 

Even after I decided not to buy anything - it is usually very difficult to bypass these special offers

Probably next offer is Aska.

Or a new pro pal that you can only get via purchasing xD