Most useless "special offer" ever

I have no reason to buy any special offer either way, because this isn’t my primary game anymore, it’s just a phone game. If there were regular festivals again then MAYBE this would be my main game. It’s bogus making it a timed one time deal. It’s bogus asking people to straight out buy better items. If the next pal to get this treatment is aska, which most of my alliance agrees is the best pal hands down, overall, even counting pro pals, then it’s a cash grab… When there’s nothing good to earn that beats what you can just buy makes it pay to win, not even an argument.

It’s worth it to run festivals, play to earn things, and keep free players in the game, so that those higher up paying players don’t start to complain about how dead the game became. There are plenty of free to play games out there, this has been a good one so far. Go back and review what works before it’s too late.