Motivating Player Community to Post Ideas

Hello FG Developers,

_ Kind attn. _: @CaptainMorgan

(I gingerly post this with some trepidation & only positive intentions, sincerely hoping we discuss with trust & hope, not despair or condemnation.)

First, at the risk of stating the obvious: Ideas are precious & determine the course of nations, peoples, and also businesses. Olympus Rising was first an idea before it became a million-dollar business. It is truly a work of art designed with much love & sweat. However, merely implementing a successful business idea is not enough—reaching the top is easier than remaining there. For a business leader to continue its market advantage, it needs more brain power, better ideas, loyalty of existing customers, and attraction of new customers.

This Suggestions section is a business-critical source of brain power and an enabler of customer loyalty. Here, ideas are voluntarily & freely offered by both new & veteran players after investing much time, energy & thought. As any and all of these ideas have the potential to propel Flare Games into a higher orbit, it is only appropriate that each ideator be treated with gratitude & respect. This begins with a company representative acknowledging each new idea with a simple Like or Thanks (perhaps, the former for “doable” and the latter for “not doable”). It takes only a few seconds for this elementary gesture of gratitude. 

Though suggestions are TILI (Take-It-or-Leave-It) offers, repeatedly ignoring them is the surest way to demotivate & alienate the ideator who has labored on it free of charge. I considered deleting my initial suggestions after I got the general feeling from a disillusioned player community that suggestions to FG are either ignored or indefinitely postponed. If a suggestion is doable, commit to a timeline. If it is not doable, explain in detail why; perhaps, the ideator can propose a doable alternative. Other ideators may also join in to contribute to the doability. This is how a “community” of players & developers synergize. 

I am new to FG’s OR, but not to video games or the planet. For the last 2 years (& counting), I had excellent experiences with another ARPG Forum (name withheld out of respect for FG) where the developers and forum admin respond in hours (& minutes, sometimes). They even have enabled realtime chat via Discord. Mind you, they too are a million-dollar business (with 4.8 rating & 1.43m downloads vs. OR’s 4.6 rating & 0.13m downloads on Google Play), but handled by a handful of developers & just ONE community manager (who even responds on weekends, God bless him). All community suggestions are acknowledged, and many implemented. Nothing seems to be impossible for them, no suggestion too weird, no idea “out there”. I was inspired to create an entire tutorials website for their new players and post 124 suggestions. What more can I say about a company that honors some of its best ideators in their game credits & even names in-game objects after players. From their forum, even new players get the strongest feeling of affection & respect between players and the company. If one misunderstanding player posts a negative comment, the entire player community corrects & educates him/ her. As a corporate professional, I truly envy such loyalty & trust. 

Olympus Rising has significant potential to reach greater heights, but it all hinges on new ideas & player loyalty. To this end, I suggest that you post a thread titled “Implemented Suggestions” as a pinned post on top of this Suggestions section. This could motivate veterans to continue posting & newbs to start posting new ideas. Of course, implementing new ideas takes time, effort & cost. So, does all the enjoyable things (?) in life; that doesn’t stop us from trying. 

Thanks for plowing through the TLDR. ☺️

(_ PS : I would love to see OR’s Unique items & islands named after loyal & helpful players like @Warriornator, @Tomaxo@ataide, @Infamous@Gammal@dumpster@HOLYDIVINE, to name a few. Why not?_)

The devs are usually very good at acknowledging suggestions whether they’re good or bad, feasible or not. The past few weeks have been the exception because there’s too much other stuff going on. 

Ah, this is exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks so much, @dumpster, for reinforcing my faith. ☺️


I will continue to play Olympus Rising as long as @CaptainMorgan and his team is here.

He literary answer any query or new idea on forum.

The first time when I started using the forum I literary send a PM to captainmorgan to increase the unique item distribution in the game and guess what this guy replied to that mail and few weeks later introduced version 3.9 which increased everyone’s chance to find unique items.

This is just one incident and there are many.

I don’t want to bore you with them ?



In fact, you MUST “bore” me with the list of implemented suggestions. That’s what I asked in this suggestion. It will help motivate others to continue coming up with new ideas for the benefit of all players. ?

I had something like this in mind while processing suggestions myself. The only issue with this is that, paraphrasing numerous answers made by several players, the game is made by something along the lines of 2-3 people (2 and a dog and 1 and an intern are also viable options), meaning the devs are usually busy fixing bugs, nerfing features or, when they get some kind of time, answering the plethora of complaints, questions or (indeed) suggestions. All of that not to mention more than a lot of pms sent to them, as we all figured out its more reliable than fg support. I wish they had a dedicated CM to do all that stuff, but alas. Important info btw, devs != fg, they just work under them for some reason.

With this in mind, while I very much concur with the idea, it is much more likely to be implemented by one of the users, who would swiftly get a promotion to mod crew.


Speaking of islands, certain player on that list deserves to have something along the lines of Australia-sized island in their name (and most here know who exactly)


Oh, btw, wellcome to the wall-of-text club. Our president @Heroesflorian should offer some form of induction at some point in time.

Warriornator island is beautiful in the autumn. 

@Infamous After nearly a month without internet at home, I hope our infamous vice president took care of this in the meantime already! :grinning:

Anyway, that’s some very well-written posts in here. ?

Haha, yeah it sucks, doesn’t it? Welcome to our internet 24/7  

Btw, how much does Warriornator island cost to buy? 50-100k gold or more? :wink:  

Could be 10 million or 20 million in cost ???

To buy? Heh, as any good OR island I will prefer to conquer it, hehe! :wink:

I tend to lease them.