Motivation for warriors who reach level 130. PRIZE

It is little gift, but everything motivates even little. I think it would be fine. :wink: The house will activate it when one reaches level 130.

So you mean this other house could give +1 more free gem a day, totalling in 2?

Our could this house yield way more gems each day?


So its 2 houses with gem now?

Yes friend´s. :wink:

I do not think that motivates me a second daily gem
… if then at least 5 or 10 gems should be in the house.

There is enough way to get much more gems… the issue is not gems but pearls… we need more pearls not gems.

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Rather +1 pearl in that house

Cant find it:(


First click on the chicken next to the farm, then clic on each tavern from right to left once. After doing this the house will be unlocked.
This is the last Easter egg and thus very few know about it.

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Where is chicken( i need this gem;(

Go on the other side. He’s showing opposite side of the castle.

But it was known house?
With one gem daily

All my power based on it!!!

Anyway i thought there is one more house?

There are 10 chickens next to 4 farms.

Wow, you did a great job. I could never count them from the day I started playing in 2014

So what do you think…fooled?

No idea.
I cant find

Fooled it is…

Please don’t troll you guys, there is no second gem house as far as I am concerned. That was the suggestion, not a fact.

Greetings :chicken:


This is a good news, otherwise I would have missed a lot of gems.

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ALUMBRI, made us CLICK all the chickens in the game, LOL. ha ha ha ha ha ha