Motivation for warriors who reach level 130. PRIZE

wow… I found a gem too… How many gems can we get in a day?.. How many times can we click there?.. Please provide more info on this…

P.S. I found the gem by clicking on the 3 hens next to the right most tavern, not the farm…

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If you are serious and did not know them, only 1 a day in the house on the right. I suggested as motivation, that the house on the left also be equal from level 130 (prize). There are people who have requested more, but it is not necessary, since there are other ways to earn gems and we should not apply greedily. 1 more gem, it wouldn’t mean asking for much. His total would be a month between the two houses, 60 gems. That’s fine, even as it is, too, just as a small motivation, even if it is little, motivates the other activated house, that’s why I suggested it. :wink:

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Yeah 1 gem for 130 level players will really motivate!


On a gifted horse, do not look at the tooth. We already know that the game lives on advertising and the purchase of gems. We can’t ask much friend. The total sum of 1 gem in each house is 60 gems in a month. But other gems that earn extras in other sites totally free, all adds up. We cannot ask much to not make them angry. Lol Hahahaha. :wink:

I have the answer!

333 Pro crystals a day.

This means +1 Phoebe for every 2 months of consecutive claims.

It would be nice to see this added… Except I am only lv100… See you in a year probably :sweat:

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Coherence that is not coherence. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I play in Royal Revolt from 29.08.2018, I reached 130lvl 2 weeks ago, 130lvl in a year is possible!

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