Move OR to Bottom


I always click on the OR Board acidentally. Just put the Dead to the Ground …


Or give us the option to hide certain parts. Today I clicked on a thread called “5.0.0 F-e-e-d-b-a-c-k” where they were talking about a nerf of GK which was introduced with that version and that it makes defense kinda useless again, attack is OP now.

I was wondering all the time which unit they are talking about till I realised it was OR and not RR2 …


Hi guys,
Thanks for the feedback. I think what you can do is to use the Discourse filters. Discourse filters really work well so you won’t run into those issues anymore if you use them.
Obviously, we had to make this forum work for 2 games (which is not how Discourse originally planned it BUT it still works well, if you use the filters.)
I am explaining this in more detail now because I have seen some comments in other threads which are kind of related to that.

Let me show you:
On the front category page (the start page, which you can always come back to by clicking the FG logo btw or by filtering for "all categories) you can select the categories you want to see.

Now the forum is basically built up like this:
OR (all in 1 category)
RR2 Official
RR2 Feedback
RR2 community stronghold

Let’s start with filtering the main category, let’s say you are interested in the former General Discussion sections of RR2. This would be found in RR2 feedback. Now you can either directly click on the “RR2 Feedback” on the main page, but this is not what I want to show you now.

Work with these filters:

Click on all categories and you will see this:

Now you can go to RR2: Feedback l and you will see this:

Now you will see all topics in this main category feedback. That means also Latest Updates, Planned Balancing changes, Ideas & Feature Request and Bugs).
Note how you can still see the search bar at the top. If you remain in the category but check out the other filter options, you will see that you can further filter by these subcategories AND/OR tags.

You will always see the tags that are available for the category you are in.
(Please note you do not have an edit button, that’s because I am admin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Play around with that feature a bit and you will see that this way you can always filter out the content you want to see/not see. For example in RR2 feedback you could filter all threads about “battles”. Or another example - You could also go to the subcategory bugs (filter for that), and filter for “solved” issues only.

This also applies to if you go to the “latest” or “unread” sections.

If you are directly in a post and want to go back to the category the post is in either use the your mouse (if you have a back button) or
either at the top of the post click here:

Or at the bottom of a post click here:

Game name in all Categories
Questions/Feedback about intial forum use
Questions/Feedback about intial forum use
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