MOVIEs mAKE Sense at aLL

Hi RR2 Peeps,




When i watching ALICE the wonderland and LORD OF THE RINGs this might help some features in the game :grinning:


What do u guys think?





note: NO KJ ALLOWed…


Alice the Wonderland

Not sure what this topic is about. I moved it to the speaker’s corner subforum for now.

yes im slightly confused here too

Me too…maybe King Joelie could you explain why and what kind of thread is this? What kind of “features” d’you have in mind?

And again…if, and only if, they are suggestions or update for the game, please, use the aforementioned topics… :slight_smile:

A lot of features 


Alice The Wonderland



they like a spearman…(red queens army)

they like a spearman too, (white queens army)



The Royal queens 

(the red queen) and the (white queen)


(Improving skills shop)

THe mad hatter




Jabberwocky(the dragon)

Wild bird



Wonderland it is like a haunted forest with graveyard


(to be continued) later the pictures i gonna sleep…

ahhh now that makes some sense!!! a spearmen unit with a bit more range that could attack 2 deep over knights would be cool yes


and personalizing you hero with a skill set/tree would also be something id like

I think this is worth the thought actually

I see, some great ideas are being cooked up here! :wink:

Feel free to let inspire you by some friendly caterpillars… :grinning:


Can’t wait to raid someone with card soldiers and magical rabbits in there! :wink: