Moving Grey House?

I found a grey house who moving and give 1 free gem each 10 hours or close. Brand new to the game? :blink:

yes it is new to the game! Gem factory! It should reset every day though not every 10 hours.

Please do a screen shot of what the house look like ans where is it.



It’s the house a the top right of the village. It resets at the same time as the daily rewards.


do it have any more house that give gem

or anymore gem factory 

It’s nice and all, but that’s a lot of silliness for one gem.

no just that one house, keep your eyes open for more hidden Easter eggs

FLARE don’t want us to know the what name gems house or gems farm…

FLARE don’t want to give a single gem that’s why they didn’t mentioned anywhere there is a gems factory per day 1.

Even they didn’t mention what is the name of that house? Nor in forum nor in the game.

THERE ARE SO MANY PLAYERS who don’t know about that HOUSE.

FLARE don’t be so GREEDY , please mention in next forum post and in game tutorial…

so every body knows about it, and please MENTION what is the EXACT NAME OF THAT HOUSE?

I disagree, part of fun of easter eggs is finding them and being surprised  :slight_smile:  

I even shared the house easter egg in one of the early comment but comments go to dissappear quickly when there is a new update:

(page 4 of update 2.2) 




exactly these hidden gems, pun intended are awesome!

it should have been a sign or arrow of the gem factory and more  :wink: