Moving through an already cleared area in Conquest Mode...

When moving through an already cleared area in Conquest Mode, a player ought to be able to move an unlimited number of tile just the movement cool down gets really long.  That way for players who are behind they can catch up in a move while sleeping or at work.  You guys do realize you need to make this game playable for humans who have lives.

TOTALLY AGREE! Especially because it’s unfair to the players who can’t get out on the map yet. As you said, they should be able to move an unlimited amount of times until they get to the border. Maybe one or two spaces behind the border. There should be no cooldown for these players. BIG plus 1 here!

Yes. This. Agreed. Friggin encore. Televise this. 

Or specify a leader of a “stack” and the leader can move the entire group as a whole

In a selfish team, nobody wants to move first then, too lazy to do all the work. Let the explorer do the work, I wake up, then start moving haha


Better solution, just get rid of the cooldown once and for all.

The only issue would be how it changes the game if you move 20 tiles forward to join a war. 

That’s a simply fix though make it so you can’t participate in a war until after the cool down (provided you piece has moved more than 3 tiles.)

very great idea. You know in this world some person have a life. So if they can move more than 3 tiles can be more fun for them. They was busy at work and all and got break.A morning they join the Conquest. See there is already 2 days pass and take his chessboard piece and move and catch the others. Players who don’t play since day 1 in Conquest should not be penalised. So the player will see he can reach the others same if he don’t have play 2 or 3 days.

More human action and less robot actions please