multi accounter is online 24/7

its so sad to see top 10 players keep himself online and we cant attack them all day long.

they have so many account

I don’t understand. I thought multi-account meant they would have multiple different accounts. When they log off their main account to play a secondary account, you should be able to attack them. Are you saying they log off of their account and someone else logs on and plays it? That to me is not multi-account but multi-users.

Problem is that while they are under attack an incorrect message is displayed. It says player is online, even while it’s actually not, but instead it’s under attack. That’s the price of top 10, being under attack a lot.

I think he is saying they attack themselves with their multi account all day so no one else can attack them.

seems like something @Teamy can do when he gets his army of multi accounts to gift himself free tickets and play PL to donate pheobe 

Ziet er goed uit ?, wat wat ik zo lang kan doen, er is geen nieuwe update.

Probably i will read the same you will write in another topic

Its impossible to attack him from early morning till late night,basically we can say whole day.

For 7 hours every players are protected while being online,after must attack himself nonstop to save his ass indeed.

But no one can spend 16-18 hours or more with a game daily, the only way to keep an account whole day busy if the account is shared,more people using that account and swapping themselves from time to time, for example there are 5 friends , each of them spend 3-4 hours every day to keep it busy.

Assuming he is not cheating,there is no other legal way to do this, this is the method for breaking diamond league record as well.

Whole game is infected and hilarious, its all about having millions of accounts and sharing them, pushing each other so on, that is the real face of RR2 now.

Its only flare’s mistake, the trophy system is terrible also the offense/defense balance. Often i ask myself when i win 3-4 each raid but everyone take 7-8 trophies or more, is it worth to spend hours every day by collecting trophy that i lose with few incoming attacks? - not really…   the current meta: wait for pushes then stay online to keep the trophies" , thats what many players do and to be honest we can understand them, till its allowed to own unlimited accounts people will chose the easier way,hard work not paying off compare to getting easy trophy pushes.



I think he was refering to Monster T, the guy who was top1 during most of this week.

Several people complained he was closed to attacks for almost 2 days in a row (at least) before the ninja event started. Everybody else in the top10 was open to attacks sooner or later (I even attacked a few of them).


And btw I do agree with you on the message part.

  • If a player is online and can’t be attacked, the message is ok

  • if a player is OFFline and someone else is attacking him, the message should say they are under attack.

Aplications like mouse click may keep them online forever

He is offline and none can attack him) no trothys changes with this.

i have a video proofs but i have no idea is it cheat or not. I think flare must change a lot with a trothy system and balance.

have no idea why i need invest in my base if everyone can beat me? I invested more then 3 mln pearls in the base and still nothing. Tired


Cromka: the game changes every day. Now it seems having 10accounts with no towers or troops seems having more values than 1 big account.  Maybe the next challenge for you (and me) is creating 10 weak accounts ?

For my case, eventhough I was online, other players still can attack my base. 

I finished my attack and saw my trophies drop by 20 , it should be add by 8 as I just finished my attack with successfully 100% raid. I checked the history and saw few of attacked from other players.

Then, I did another attack to cover up the lost of the trophies. But, the same thing happened.

Did another players can attack our base while we’re attacking other player ?

When you’re online for too long, about 2-3 hours straight, then people can attack you, even though you’re online

Read messages please,it has been told in this topic that being online protection lasts for 7 hours, do not  give away false information to confuse others if you are not sure about the exact value.

Can’t be true. I had that a couple weeks ago. I was online for about 2-3 hours when they were able to strip me

Maybe it’s random, but it’s definitely not 7 hours for everyone

Long time ago, high trophieplayers were not amused they lost trophies against much lower players . Probably the person talking about stay online for a time, go offline, got attacked by some lower players. (His account or friends accounts).

and after short time he come online back

i think he make advantage off the new system about winning/loosing trophies.

It “feels” random because it isn’t just about being online. It’s about doing raids/ pro league/ ninja event while you are online. If you are online just chatting, then the system will think you are not doing anything. Testing your own base doesn’t count as doing something either.


Once I did an intensive testing on my own base, again and again, for an hour, and although I was genuinely doing something, people could start attacking me already as if I was offline as the ■■■■■■ system thinks I am not doing anything while being online. The other time, just last week, I was raiding for 3-4 hours during community week and no one could attack me because the system recognizes that I was really “being online”.

I was raiding for trophies back then, but still they could attack me after those 2-3 hours. Must be completely random, just like FG’s work schedule

If you do nothing for more than an hour, and the system started “penalizing” you already by allowing others to attack you, doing any raids thereafter will not negate that penalty immediately.

I was in the top 10 and when you’re in the top 10, everyone tries to attack you, maybe that’s why they could attack me after such a “short” time, even though I was raiding for trophies. Who knows. Could be so easy, it’s FG’s game, they could simply tell us, when people can attack you, while you’re online. But they probably don’t even know the answer either