Multi device

Hey, i’m playing on my IPhone. And i want to play also on my  iPad with my account. However impossible to synchronise both devices ! Help thx 

Hello Titicaca,

Are you connected on the same iCloud account on both devices?

Yes. All my games are synchronise except Olympus. On my IPad i have the cloud in white (on the option page on the game). No reason…

Hey :slight_smile:

I would recommend you to do the following:

  • Uninstall the game from your iPad
  • Connect to your account on the iPhone, go to the settings and tick the box next to the cloud
  • Reinstall the game on the iPad
  • Connect to iCloud
  • Start the game

Let me know if the game asks you to load the iCloud save game

I did it 3 times without good result.

Hey :slight_smile:

Are you sure the box is ticked in the first account?

You can get in touch with the support team to restore your account on your other device here:

However, the support seems to be down for now, so you might have to wait a bit, sorry for the troubles.

Yes it’s ticked on my Iphone. And it’s ticked also on my ipad however i can’t change on my ipad, it’s in white without any click possible. I dont want to loose my account on my iphone. I just want to play with the same account on my iPad.


You should be able to contact the support now :slight_smile:

Just communicate them your account name on the iPhone and the one on the iPad, and some information like the account registration date, the amount of currency etc.

Is there a way to have this support across ipad & Android phone?


You need to get in touch with the support about it, they will let you know if it is possible :slight_smile:


Hi there I am also trying to sync between an ipad and iphone but it does not work or give an option to sync at any point. 


Did you follow the steps from the FAQ:


I am having exactly the same issue. Both devices are logged in to Icloud and the boxes are ticked in game, however it doesnt sync the progress on Ipad. Reinstalled several times and followed the steps on FAQ still no result. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hey Earthwolf, 

Please get in touch with the support for further help. 

You contact them here:

You might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday though. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Can u teach us how to transfer our android savegame to another new phone?


It depends if the other phone is Android too. 

If it is, just connect on the other phone using the same Google account. 

If it is an IOS device, you need to contact the support

If yes, whats the name of software thats is compatible?. Thanks


Unfortunately, Olympus Rising is not officially supported on PC for now.

The only supported platforms are iOS and Android.

hello, i’m using HTC M8 to play the game and just got a new Samsung galaxy S7 edge. Now I like to play the game on the S7 edge, what should i do to make sure that i’m not losing my account? Thanks. 

i know i can link my account by using the Link Account feature in the game, info can be found here However, to transfer data from a Android to another Android device, doesn’t i just need to log in my .gmail account?