Multi path designs

I am sure it’s been mentioned lots of times but why can’t we have a few path designs that we change to at the click of a button. I was looking at clash of clans and they have had it for ages. It would be the same as the outfits A-D for example.

Yeah, this has been suggested many times before. I don’t remember exactly why this doesn’t work, but there’s some way it can be skewed, I think. Pretty sure @Dena4 has commented on one of these suggestions and explained why

One of the reasons was that you can use layout A with maxed towers and then use another layout to build new towers plus obstacles, without facing the consequences like now. 

Now, when you want for example build more new towers of a certain kind, you have to replace strong ones by new weaker towers. And how you would prevent that in multiple layouts? 

So it could be abused to use one layout for building new towers plus obstacles and your strongest layout for defense. Now the only way to build something new, is to put away one defensive structure and start building/upgrading something else. 

It would go even further than only the building strategy. What about forging strategy? 

I am not against building defensive structures outside the official layout, but that’s the reason why multiple layouts are not best option right now.

and myself I will repeat and answer again like last time to Dena4 about this subject. Olympus Rising have many layout since ages and I have never hear of abuse of anything. That layout system is a time savior and help us in many ways. in RR2 you have no idea how this new layout A-D will be benefit for all of us. No reason to be stubborn and not add it. You can use a layout for War, a layout outside the War,layout for Conquest,etc… People talk about abuse but there is no abuse possible. Anyway same if someone can build new tower. We can too in OR and never hear of anyone complain. New tower take over month and month to built. So no real difference then now. Same if someone use new layout to build new tower you will have weak defense like right now when you change one or many

same if someone can have by miracle 21 workers you need over 100 millions if no more to build them. So I don’t think anyway someone will be lose so much time to change 21 towers

player will use probably the same defense in A-D but only change design and 2 or 3 towers for match with War boost and Conquest Boost. Impossible someone will change 21 tower in one shot. So don’t worries about this system too much. Its gonna work perfectly fine like in OR trust me

Wouldn’t it be possible to not let you switch paths if one of your towers was being upgraded? Or, as a different option, make you use the upgrading towers on both paths? The abuse you fear can be stopped, imo.

Well, in that case there needs to be a condition that you only can upgrade a tower of obstacle that exists in both designs.

I think it would lead to confusion, then you need some way to have both maps next to each other and when you click one tower for example on design A, that you see where that tower is located on design B. 

That will cost them a lot of extra work, I think other things would have higher priority. 

I would not make it hard in this case. I would drop that condition that a tower must exist in both designs. That some take advantage of it and use map B to build and upgrade new obstacles, I would not try to prevent it. At least players are spending gold and hopefully for keenflare also cash in case some start to heavily forge new towers. 

Speaking for myself, the reason why I don’t work on new towers, is that I have to do a lot of planning. Make sure upgrades are finished when war season or conquest starts, since then I want to put in my strongest obstacles, not the ones in preparation or under construction. When I could do that on a second design, I definitely would start to build a couple of towers (6 at least) and obstacles of every type. 

Reason might be obvious, when for example during a season some kind of obstacles get a special boost, I can quickly exchange them by that boosted one. I wouldn’t use the second design (most likely not, since I would still be upgrading stuff there!) in that case, but quickly exchange those obstacles. When boost is almost over, I would change back the original obstacles. 

There is an easy solution if you want to prevent abuse of building in the background with alternate designs: Let upgrades proceed only in the active design! If you start upgrades in design A, and switch to design B, all upgrades in A are frozen (countdown will stop) until you switch back to design A. Then the upgrades will continue from where they were stopped. 


PS: You can forge undeployed towers and obstacles in the inventory. That was always possible as long as I remember.

Agreed. Or even not allow a swap if something is being upgraded. There are easy solutions to prevent abuse.

Why not just allow us to keep back those upgrading tower and obstacles into the inventory?

Any loses for Flare?

No body will spend gem on speeding upgrade on tower?