Would you consider to implement the multi-touch feature in future versions?

Sometimes my troops don’t know which towers to attack in priority (ex. Nyx) or other times my Hero is the only one attempting to desperately break the gate while the troops are trying to destroy the Defender (probably equipped with unique item) for almost a full minute, knowing the mission is impossible.

Multi-touch control would be useful in those scenarios.



That would be really cool. 

Nice idea

I heard multi-touch does exist in RR2. Is it useful @Warriornator @AwesomestKnightest?

Devs, if multi-touch is not feasible in OR, could you consider tweaking the attacking troops ahead of the GK?

They’re so dumb… Why do they act like punching bags in front of the GK?

The tweak could place some troops on the left, some on the right, and some behind the GK to circle him/her.

Ironically, did you notice, when the GK is defeated, the troops magically become a lot smarter, and position themselves so adequately (very well dispatched on left, right and center) to destroy the Gate?  

Love the idea of mulit touch but I DON’T KNOW IF DEVELOPERS have time to implement it or not :slightly_frowning_face:

Could be a life saving feature for me as I can easily take down those annyoing corner nyx towrs with ???

A double touch (click on pc version) over a tower and it gets highlighted, so long range units hit that target. Also, vs the GK, It would be cool if units could build a fighting formation. I can illustrate this with any image later.

Let’s see if it is playable 

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And building such formations around the GK .


@Tomaxo Yeah in RR2 the multi touch work great. Not right now with the multi touch bugs with 4.0 who make the game unplayable but before 4.0 that was awesome with zoom in and out and all the function. I don’t have play much on my ipad with RR2 so I don’t know much about multi touch. I know however in all others game I play the multi touch work perfectly fine with the swipe left,right,zoom in and zoom out,etc… 

in OR can make the game more fun if the multi touch can do something special like give special order to units

@Tomaxo, I play on a laptop, so I do not know anything about multi-touch lol, but I can say that there has been some problems with it in RR2 and I think that may be one of the reasons that it hasn’t been implemented in OR quite yet

@Warriornator Do you know since when multi-touch was implemented in RR2?

@Tomaxo, after further investigating, there is indeed something similar to multi-touch on a laptop. Since you play with the troops as 1,2,3 and spells as 4,5,6 (or 5,6,7 in rr2), you can be moving and spawn troops at the same time. Likewise, you can spawn troops and cast a spell at the same time. BOTH while moving! So, I would say, yes, multi-touch exists on a laptop, or something very similar, and it works

@Tomaxo what on earth I just watched? hahahahaha 

If I have don’t wrong since the beginning in April 2014