Multiaccing and bann

As we all know, FLARE banned for multiaccing from pro. Tbey said they will do it in future too


i have one more for you flare)

its a proof. 



PS : im really lazzy to check all his multiaccs) but there are a lot of them. For sure for smart person its easy to use acc , lose first 7-8 fights and train only 9-12 level))) will be low score, none will find)

so no need tell me Paizoni do it himself, thats mean shared account, need to bann not only from pro???

yes cromka! there is so many multiaccing. I already send ticket to fg with some screenshots like your screenshots :wink:

I posted its just to see reaction. Multiaccing useless now, cuz bug with unlimited try.

But flare banned Viets for same we see now.

I just wanna see- does they have balls to bann top alliance leader)

Go maki invistigation about Russian hacker???



Screenshot (1234) (Copy) (Copy).png

Screenshot (1235) (Copy) (Copy).png

Screenshot (1236) (Copy) (Copy).png

Pandora box is open!)))


Its hypocrisy to bann viets for multiaccing in pro and dnt bann those accounts!



I hate multiaccing :angry:


its or multiaccing or shared accounts

If its multi they need bann them from pro

if its shared they need bann them from game


I just wanna see is this low for all or only for viets)

Okay, like I predicted. This Multi-Acc banning will lead to denunciation.

Did not know it would be open denunciation, but well… it looks like Cromka is bored today…

Yes yes ban all players with multiple accounts

Mostafa play Odin and iran Azrael




They banned for multiacing in pro

I think they need do same with all those accounts

No need bann from game

haha funny.stop say lie.he not play with odin anymore. when he leave RL you change gmail password??

Yes, those with multiple accounts in PL were not banned from the game, only from PL. Still letting one account from those multiple accounts to participate in PL,  I guess they choose it randomly.


omg. does it mean Odin shared accounts&&&

Cant trust it!!!

but u got odin account from me long time ago
you are big lier in RR2 @ash


but u got odin account from me long time ago
you are big lier in RR2 @ash


I think no need offend here

Here we are try to understand- does flare use low for all?