Multiaccing and bann

I have proof that you play Odin mr. Mostafa

yes don’t trust to share and multi accounts :wink:


Lord reptile play multiple accounts as well. Iran Azrael joined a low alliance with 2 low accounts few months ago

i have only 1 account and even its hard for me)))

I have proof that you play odin989, slow poison, tilly77, jyoAsh, pasha warrior india, black cobra etc etc. ?

Check it. Show proofs! He showed about you- u own shared account( against rules_)

lol. I just playing with myself account.after this new rule I give my accounts to my friends. like immortal insanity. and other my account are inactive. I am not like you

Odin 989 is most honest in this game! Leader of WHITE FORCES and he never never lie) Only true in his blood)

yes I play with odin long time ago but u give odin to me.
so this account for you not for me say here trust mr ash 
why say lie here?

yes ofcurse he is!


It doesn’t matter how many accounts you are playing currently, having multiple accounts is illegal and most of us have multiple accounts. Let flare starts banning all accounts played on 1 ip address

And I don’t give a fuck about getting banned… it will save my time and money

The more you argue like little children in this topic, the more Cromka might laugh, but the less likely FG is to take this any serious… if making FG ignore it is what you want, go on ofc…


#Edit: Ofc, unfair / unequal treatment of offenders of the FG ToS is an issue indeed, but I don’t think arguing over who controls which particular account and going back and forth with swearing and insults is gonna be helpful.


all peoples aren’t like you .thay play with 1 account on their device.

this is not my answer
u say lier and now cant answer me! 
please answer me or go shut up 


Let flare ban multiple accounts holder and then you will get answers from flaregmes mr. Mustafa. I have all screenshots and I will send those to fg not here

Its Odin. you talk like you dnt know him:))

lol go send FG know I play with 1 account 


Flare will do nothing:)

Its clear, so i wanna show - they have double standarts .

They banned viets which are mostly have no money, but i wanna see how they will bann leaders of top alliances

stuiped ever…