Multiple crashes during battle in the Christmas festival

Ro55i. Twice now I’ve been in mid game on the festival and my game has crashed…second time the picture froze for about three seconds, then crashed.

Same here. Seemed to me like the same bug with Trioxin Tower and Yeti’s, but I’m not sure

I am also facing the same issue…it crashed when I am trying to destroy Trioxin tower

game Crashed again. It was while I was on the Chat, trying to donate troops. Believe this is the second time this has happened also (while in the in-player chat)

Again while accessing in-player chat!! Haven’t mentioned previously, I am using an iPad and have downloaded the latest version of royal revolt

Crashed again accessing in-player chat!


And again, five minutes later!!!

And again…

And again. So I get I shouldn’t go 8nto chat. But I need to bondage troops cos there’s a war on. How am I to help my team???

I got multiple crashes too during battle in the current festival. The game’s video froze, although sometimes the music was still pumping on the background.


[MY DEVICE] : PC - Win10 - i7 - GTX 1070 - almost 2 months old gaming laptop.

Hi BruceWayneIsCuteYo,

Since this seems to be a “new” crash, I have opened a different thread for it. Thank you for reporting.

 Any crash logs are appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Ro55i,

Sorry to hear about the crash.

Which device are you playing on, and do you have any crash logs that you could share?

(Please note that in the future it is enough if you make one post, you do not need to comment several times in a row - this is considered spamming).

Thank you for reporting.

Hi BruceWayneIsCuteYo,

I have moved your comment to this thread because it matches the topic. Thx.