multitouch not working in fights w10 PC

Lol the latest w10 update has nerfed multi touch in rr2. (maybe)

just in battles pinch to zoom works on base  but it locks up king running if you try to use a spell or gosh call a troop by tapping that at same time

(other apps all ten fingers work just not in RR2)


One thing I did notice is on attachment it states setting up duosense which it did not before…

so there may be a driver change in the setup of multitouch that is causing this.

but either way its a core driver / app issue to be resolved.

Note: It appears like the input is being interpreted as a mouse input rather than multitouch.

This is the behaviour in non touch enabled apps or programs not RR2 which is multitouch.

Multi-touch is working fine for me (Windows 10, version 1709, build 16299.248). All touch points work independently as expected. Well, it works as always, I’d still want it to behave a little bit different, but that’s another story and does not belong in this thread.

Hello, @whatsa! Please submit a request to our support team, as they will be able to assist you with this issue:

thx  yes I did open one… (still waiting on response)

No luck the input still wonky … all other apps are fine.

Basically if you are swiping king to move him and tap screen for spell either the spell doesn’t work or the king stops moving and then it takes 2-3 seconds tapping around to get him moving again… so every spell troop button hit this is the outcome.

its basically unplayable, (and a full reset of PC done too… same response)


lol though fruit ninja with all ten fingers works great! Ok I cannot see a thing on screen but at least it works.


Honestly I think its the game getting confused about touch … is it a touch or touch converted to mouse equivalent?



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We can share! :slight_smile:

I see you indeed posted this topic here. Are there .net related logs? If so, can you post a message here. Also any text or message would be welcome. W can then search what might be causing this and hope to find a solution.


Ok just did a full reinstall and problem just the same…


10 point multitouch is active in home kingdom view and pinch to zoom works…

start a fight and the whole thing goes wonky… only single press accepted or it locks. (so pointless playing)

I really don’t know how I can do more… 

Flare team … if you want to send me a logging/debug  version  I will side load it


I honestly think that if a big update comes out, that more bugs may come into the game. Or perhaps that’s what’s with the lack of communication from flaregames, they are working on perfecting this update so that there are no bugs

Well whatever their issue is I am not going to give them a cent until they start being at minimum more forthcoming about whats going on.

my PC works fine in other games though this start with CU and the subsequent update. 

The best the helpdesk could do was say remove widgets and check my phone memory on my PC?

I mean honestly…is it lazy or not caring?

Really I think for the PC version setting touch or mouse input  as a tools option for the device may be worth trying.

There are lots of others who have this intermittently and swipe away and return to clear the input confusion so though is may be consistently wonky on mine its hardly unknown.