Mummy boost extension

I don’t know what everyone else feels about it, but I think the ability to not be able to extend mummy any more will have a huge impact on the game. Currently mummy is a ‘go to’ solution for both attack and defence for many at the higher levels, without it many top bases will be far more open than they currently are (which doesn’t say much as defence is wrecked anyway). Losing Doom Gate or arb is not the worst thing in the world, but I think losing mummy will be a big watershed for many. I think boosted garg tower should just become a 'standard paid for boost, mummy and arb even doom gate should remain as winnable and extendable boosts with only the dragon pairing being boosts that can only be extended by war wins.


If things remain as they are we will see a huge amount of players give in, in terms of building a defence, as it will be next to useless.


Obviously many will disagree with this citing that the top alliances will always keep extending, but shouldn’t that be one of the ‘few’ advantages of being a top alliance, they do pay handsomely for the honour and players in these alliances are some of the longest serving in the game and as such have worked long and hard to try and build a good defence. this change of rules can and will only make all that time and effort mean less than it already does.


As a point, my alliance currently does run, arb, mummy and DG, so I am not raising this as a moan that effects me or us, but I do feel sorry for some of the other higher alliances (VL included) who have made great defences and are likely to see them weakened significantly and overrun by much lower level opponents who managed to win a war season…





i agree with you , they should give back the ability to extend these boosts  , its unfair to see top lvl alliances with no boosts because they always have hard wars . 

“Few advantages”? Hahaha … “Few”?

It sucks, sure, but it’s fair. An alliance can’t run a war boost if they lose the war. Simple as that. At the least it’s fair because everyone is treated equally.

Many the top alliances have already switched to ogre and werewolf boosts anyways