Mummy needs some Improvements/fixes !

first of all,Good job flaregames,I love elite mummy. :wink:


we hv this problem with mummy also which we continue to having with elite mummy as well.when using it on attack,mummy blocks way of hero,and even units from same side.(I’m saying blocks,not stun)…like for example I like to use wolf on raid,it give free battlecry to nearby units whenever it howls lol,but problem is,if I hv 3-4 mummy together,it blocks wolfs to go ahead of mummy,but wolf only howls when it meets enemy units,while with mummy wolf stay behind most of the time and not howl. :angry:


Then,we’re using mummy only for bunch of blazing knights it spawn after it dies,knights are usefull than mummy on every aspects against barricades,monsters and even gate,but if skull towers not around,mummy won’t die fast enough,even group of 5-6 mummies useless and stuck at barricades and times runs out and even if skull around new elite mummy stuns at more faster rate,it stuns skull often if bunch of mummies and they won’t die,Somes are even suggesting AUTO KILL SWITCH for mummy.


Also I think that elite mummy too powerful on defence,may be need to nerf a bit only on defence…that blazing knights after mummy dies almost kills raiding army created with lot efforts and even half the hp down of hero if he stay around :angry:

to have elite mummy die at your will so you can get those knights is like having a free portal scroll , bad idea but I do agree monsters in general not just mummy tend to block other units which cost player a scroll free raids sometimes

Sometimes I wish my cannons could die at the castle gate :grinning:

Each monster should be a little more intelligent if it’s not able to pass at right because in front its there is another monster, it should overpass it at left and so on.

And its TRUE as you said, sometimes when i do raids, i need more troops and there is not chance to KILL my elite mummy for more knights that can be targeted by other enemines in the meantime i recover some health. so i have to move my mummy under the death.

mummy not only block u , it slows u down as well when i run pass my own mummy, which i think this shouldn’t happen LOL

Yeah,fii or any other mod?,if can link this to Jona and let them to know to fix this,this is really crucial now a days with everybody gonna raiding with mummy especially at the top,Thanks !

this issue has been long since mummy were first born . Nothing is fixed regarding this blocking issue as far as I’m concerned 

I like it :] Typically what I do is I solo the first 3/4ths of enemy waves, have ogres destroy all the towers behind me, and let mummies solo to final 10% of the level while I regenerate, then we all go in together and smash the gate in a matter of seconds. So they’re never in my way x)