Mummy suggestions

I’ve seen videos on YouTube and saw that the elite mummy isn’t really that interesting because it only summons knights when it dies, what if we get to close what is summoned when the mummy dies and pay extra morale equal to the number of troops summoned, this might be OP so I thought when the mummy dies the troops summoned doesn’t have an elite boost, I hope this idea is implemented, please like,share,subscribe, and be my friend if you did agree( I sound like a youtuber :slight_smile:

That sounds like a lot of coding. But if it can be done, I like it xD It’ll allow me to summon cannons wherever I go.

If you like it then like, share subscribe, and be my friend(it’s manditory)

Lol I’m kidding, cannon mummies would be so OP xD Your Arblasters could kill all units, then you could just storm the gate, summon cannons, and get an instant 75% without destroying anything else.

Perhaps Gaygoyle Mummies for defense. Explode upon death.

We could use a mummy to summon another mummy that would summon another mummy… xD

Yes, the Elite Mummy is not the big deal, maybe that’s why it is the third place prize, like you said, something like extra morale would be good, too :stuck_out_tongue:

(just five points, we don’t want an overpowered mummy either). 

Lmao exactly! :wink:

With 2 mummies per wave that would be be about 26 mummies at end of raid, all permanently rising from the dead again.

Sounds OP, also with cannons or most other units.

Yah but you need to pay extra morale each time, so no one would use it if its that costly but the idea would be worth a shot because it has more of a diversity than just knights