Music in game

The kind of music you listen changes your type of battle. So I want to know what kind of music you listen (I listen epic music to motivate me)

If I play with in-game music, my laptop will hang. :lol: 

music can play in background… Play ur song in background music player n turn off ur game sound in settings… Whatever you want to listen song play ur tracks…

this option is for only windows 10 n android not for windows 8.1 platform ?

Yes I can t listen other music that the game on my windows phone

How? I can’t listen to music while raiding on my WP. But well, as I don’t usually play on phone, I don’t worry much about that.

Concerning your question, I listen to the kind of music I like and always listen: Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Rock. Mostly Metal :stuck_out_tongue: