Must be done!

  1. War ( at this point only torches are important and based on them we get war groups. ) When a team with high trophies come to top 15 ( torches ) than go all to another team around place 120 ( torches ) but team is strong and it is not fair that another teams face such high ranked trophy team.

I expect you will mix torches rank and trophys rank and based on both parameters we will get war groups.

  1. Spoils rewards

3 day war over 85k points

2 day war over 75k points

1 day war over 30k points

When people reach this points should get extra reward ( maybe unique chest ).

  1. War blessings

There should be more different war blessing options. 

  1. Players should have an option to send another players a massage.

Hi @L0k0,

I absolutely agree with you on this matter.In order to make Alliance wars more interesting Flare games should make certain changes to it.

Like introduce a concept where any player who leave a team during Alliance wars, simply deduct their team points or reduce their torch points.As it happened with me some time ago where an opponent Alliance weak players left that Alliance before a strike ended.My team was forced to battle 20+ ascension level players and of course we lost that war as we could take on those high level players.

Also low level Alliances should be given a choice to opt out from a war before it begins.So,that they can simply enjoy the game rather than worrying about a stupid war where chances are they might face strong opponents for their level(I do know this if a alliance simply kick out its members and keep their numbers below 10 they will not be able to participate in war.But then whats a point of joining an alliance right.)

Also when players get perfect scores in wars players,they should be given some extra goodies,some kind of special chest. Like we have holiday chest (where you get gems + a titan Item or gem + unique item)this will motivate players to participate in a war>like I have been scoring perfect scores for sometime but Haven’t found any unique item in any titan chest.So this will be good feature for many veteran players who still haven’t found any unique item yet.