Must have features in conquest

There has been continuous changes in conquest. Happy with how RR2 team is working to make it better… So there are three suggestions which will be helpful for generals and will make their life easy… 

  1. Currently general can give instructions to players on where to move but many players just don’t see it. Some of them are completely unaware and some will ask it in chat that where to move…if there is no one to instruct he is just confused and sometimes we have to ask multiple times and pray that he see our message. So to make the life of soldier and more of the general please  add a popup window which is displayed to a soldier as soon as he opens the conquest mode if a order is given to him with options to _ignore _or _move. _Also a general notification for him with given order so that he can see his order just by opening notification window. 

  2. Sometimes we want to lose a war and want no player to join that war but some players just blindly join that war even before reading what is the instructions given (well we can’t blame that player because his purpose was to help) and, sometimes we don’t want a player to join an ongoing war because we are just about to win that war but again some players join and loss their troops as well which could have been saved. So  give us an option to lock a war which prevents more players to join it. As soon as a war is locked it’s color should change to green so that everyone knows it’s status just by seeing it. 

  3. It is a must have feature. Most of the time we have to keep searching where a particular player is… In this big map it is really a pain in… So  please add a window where we can see all players with their respective positions on the map. 



Yes…  I agree this as a general. It is a good suggestion… If a Simple mistake was made too, the whole career on the conquest will be lost… “It would make our work Quite Easier”. currently , everyone were Getting tired only on chatting itself… Really weird… And playing 24Hrs… This 5 days seems to be like 5 weeks… It would be good if it  is introduced  at next update…  And  it is a boost up in communication too. So  Would support this post✌

#3 is a winner. Right now it’s very very hard to locate a specific player on the map. There should be a screen with a list of ALL players, so you could easily distribute orders.


As for #1, one thing that would also help is to make the Conquest button (the one in the top screen when you enter the game) flash if you have an order.

Flashing buttons works, people will click on them. :wink:

I also need the online status on the assign troops screen, to only assign troops to online players.


Giving movement orders to players is good but lack in detail about the purpose of the movement (refill troops, attack a target, camp for a future tower, etc.).

  • That feature must be improved.


But we are lacking the ability to do the same about fiefs and enemy players :

  • A tack/pin on the fief to give instructions to everyone about those coordinates (with an associated timer / countdown, not everyone is in the same timezone, but countdown are good for everyone)
    •  Possible Tower placement
    • Attack planned on that fief
  • Ban a fief
    • On an enemy tower, no player could start a war
    • On  an active war, no player could join
    • On a fief with an ennemy player, no player could start a war
  • Ban an enemy player
    • No players would be able to attack the fief where the player is
    • The ban would follow the player
    • If the ennemy player is out of range,  the note is saved but not visible / editable
    • If the ennemy player enter a war with us, the ban would or would not apply ?

I suggest eliminating the supreme victory,  And  inserting battles of 12h And ne 24h, with the supreme victory i need many players online at The same time And Sorry flare but we have a social Life we dont Live on revolt game 

Moving this to ideas and feature requests. 

I want the bottom- skip the conquest

If you skip Conquest, what about the boosts?

Are you saying nobody in your alliance wants to play Conquests?

No… It get less views here. Plz let it be in general discussion. 

I want discussion on this topic so that more constructive ideas can come out like this ? …In General discussion it has more chances of getting views and thus more discussion so plz move it to general discussion 


Hi mLordPK,

no, it will remain in this section because that’s the section for it. But I hope me bumping this topic will help your purpose. :grinning:

I do agree with what has been posted here.

In addition,you can make tagging players to a particular war(adding or updating the list).It feels like a job if I want to move players to a particular war.

This way,if the war ends,I wouldn’t have to worry about updating the order given as it will be removed after war end.

It really is stressful if I have to add commands for 25+ players and update them again after every war.

Also please provide a donate all troops option in both towers and stronghold.

I agree with you @mLordPk.

It’ll be better having your ideas in action . 

Great work pk.