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No offense but I think this masterpiece is genuinely broken.

How does this ‘_Watch ad finish upgrade/watch add get missing resources’ _make sense?

The balance in this game is utterly destroyed by this.

I mean take look at Supercell’s games (Clash of Clans/Clash Royale)

Why are they so successful?

They never ask you to watch an ad to finish any upgrade. In order to finish an upgrade, we can use gems, which can be bought for money. This is how they make money

Their games are totally balanced hence it keeps their players from leaving. 

It would be great if flaregames could implement this system in their games too

Otherwise Royal Revolt 2 is a classic masterpiece which can be a super smash hit if it is balanced properly 

Hope I got my message across


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Is cheap/commercial/gimmicky/etc…  yes!

But 12 hours off my 8 days upgrade doesn’t really effect game play much.