King and Queen have only four fingers but the Villain have five. Why!? :lol:

where have you seen the fifth finger?

I would like to see that too.

Look at the start screen. :slight_smile:

…or in-game characters.

I can’t find it. Show me

Maybe evil from another side of the portal? And maybe a good ninjas have fighting with it? :lol:

I was just kidding.

Villian has five fingers. Whereas our hero is with four finger. I guess the fifth finger is we

According to this theory, they must be blind also, completely without eyes. :wink:

Does it mean that The Villain is more powerful than our king? :open_mouth:  

well i didn’t saw villain till now fight with our troops or hero hahaah… Villain is just a joke from flare Ninja is also a joke… Dies in one short of hammer by ogres haha… Villain is not in island only watches the glowing ball hahahaha… We want to face villain flare give us last level where Villain n King fights in a single’s Knockout play… Where we can have our powers n his powers with some selected troops n his ninja…