My 1st PRO League thingy

OK, having gotten my Throne Room to level 10, I was able to enter my 1st PRO League event.

It was called the Chrono Cup. The event goes for 3d and something hours, however I had a time limit and it expired;

I am wondering if that was for the entire 3 days or just for today; and maybe I can enter again tomorrow?

Even if I can not, i got to challenge 10 of the 12 challenges (or whatever) I got pretty close to the big castle gates,

and I made 2,002 crystals. eventually I can buy something. LOL I got to use monks for the first time.

But my PRO League Persona was a female toon; is the game saying something??? :wink:


Hey there Sinister, if you have used all 35 minutes that you are given, you are unable to participate any longer in the event. The event lasts 3 days to give others a chance to participate

OK with 18h 11m in this PRO League event, my Rank is 674, I have 1,151 Gold Lion head things, and made 2,002 PRO-Crystals.

I got to use one new unit I have never played before; and two spells I do not normally use, also one new pet PAL I also do not use,

and my Chrono Cup avatar looked pretty. A WIN WIN event! Looking forward to the next PRO League to see what my new units, pets and avatar will be.

I think everyone has their opinions on the Pro League, and though it’s supposed to be equal for everyone, some of the rounds seem darn near impossible at times.  What I like about it though is you play with a different set of protocols each time.  I usually check to see exactly what the Pro League will consist of before playing so I don’t waste a ticket on a round where I don’t stand a chance.  If I think I can do decent, just playing gives you rewards so it’s worth doing, even if you can’t finish the whole route.  If nothing else it helps you hone your skills using troops and spells you may not be accustomed to. ?  You can also see the strengths and weaknesses of using those with your style of playing.  It gives you great experience in broadening your game play.


OK the Chrono Cup is over; my first PRO LEAGUE event

My rank was 680 and in my one PRO chest I got the following:

2,102 pearls

172 gems

1,018 PAL treats

and I have 2,002 PRO crystals

and I have 11 PRO tickets.

I am VERY Happy with this being my first venture into the PRO League

and I look forward to doing them so long as I keep getting tickets.

As far as different spell/unit/pet combos go, I think it is a great way to make you a more well rounded player.

so once again; I am one HAPPY EGGPLANT, all ready for the next PRO event.

Sinister Eggplant.jpg

11 pro tickets ?? how you got them lool 

probably bought them with gems. 11 tickets costs 1800 gems so it’s highly likely

11 pro tickets costs 6400 gems not 1800


maybe he accidentally double tapped the 1 


I think I saw that I had that many tickets, I did not buy any with real world money or gems, I do not know maybe I have 1 or less than 1 ticket :slight_smile:

anyhow someone said the next PRO Cup is called the Cleric Cup; does anyone know all the names of each Cup, and do they cycle in a set order

or are they random?

the next PRO League is 2 days away, I did check I do have 10 tickets, I did not buy them, I guess the game just gave them to me,

and in 23 days I have another FREE ticket available to me.

I find it really hard to believe that the game gave you 11 tickets.

That’s just impossible.

You might have won 1 or 2 in chests and 1 free on each month.

Maybe the rest was some friend of yours who donated you? I don’t know.


Regarding the pro-league rotation:

No, we don’t know for 100% sure, what is gonna be on “all weeks”.

What we do know, is that the pro-league rotation is the same as when it was released last year.

At the end of each league, we only know the name of the next one:

For more details, you can either search for it on youtube since flothaboss and others have guides for each one…

Check for the wikia article regarding this…

(tip: If you couldn’t open the link above on PC, keep pressing F5. It will eventually open  )

Or wait for the official announcement a few days back, published on the forum by Madlen, our CM:


Hope this helped somehow, cheers.

 the game gave him 10 tickets :joy:  flare gave this young man 10 free pro tickets HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  well i know how you got them exploiting the prev donation system collected them on this account to gave them to your main and bam FLARE  strike with preventing ticket donation and you got  them on this lvl 10 throne room account and you can’t do nothing only use them loooool FREE tickets i wish one day flare will give me 2 free tickets  :wink:

this place sure has a surplus of shiny hitches.! should stock up and have a swap meet.

anyways, my mild tempered friend above me, my guess is he bought the war package offered not long ago with the 9 item war set and 10 tickets attached and eggplant simply did not notice.

or your seemingly paranoid suspicions might be correct. and you got the point you been screeching for.!


he said i did not use any real money nor gems lol just saying if u played this game for a good period you’ll learn that flare does not give 10 pro ticket for free 

OK I think I have figured out where all these PRO tickets came from, and it turns out I did buy them.

When I started playing, one of the first special offers the game offered me was a set of gear & the Ceres Pet.

In that offer there must have been PRO tickets; however being a n00b to the game (I still am :wink:  ) and having a Throne Room

nowhere near level 10, I had no idea what these tickets were or what to do with them. But now that I know I will use them.

Told’ya @SinisterEggplant:grinning:

Hellfire Cup: My 2nd PRO League Thingy

My 2nd PRO League event is over, (well I have 14 seconds left) and I am happy with my results.

At the time I took my screen shot, my PRO League stats were as follows:

613 Golden Lion things

4,124 Crystals (last time I had 2,002 so I did 122 better)

my rank was 599 (last time it was 680)(however by the end, my rank will change)

I made it to Challenge XII (my first 4 challenges were complete)(the rest just enough to let me move ahead to the next challenge)

I liked trying out Vikings as a unit, and the Pumpkin Helm & Purgatory pitchfork are items I use

so I am looking forward to seeing what I won at the end; and also looking forward to the next PRO Cup

PRO League Hellfire Cup.jpg

PRO League Hellfire Cup Avatar.jpg