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There’s been a ton of discussion surrounding the additions and changes made during 4.0 so I thought I’d just post what I think.

Firstly, for the whole conquests thing, let’s see how the next event goes so we can judge it fully. As it currently stands, I think it’s just a bit too expensive to level up the buildings. But I don’t know how the resources will be used or anything, so… we’ll see.

Regarding the balancing changes, I’ve not raided enough to draw any conclusions. But I believe that balance is favored quite heavily towards defense at my level (level 100, 3k± trophies). Flare needs to work on that. There have been plenty of suggestions here on the forum that have been so far ignored.

Flare needs to step up their community management. I don’t think their opaqueness is good for either them or the game and it’s players. If they were more transparent, we could give them better and more constructive feedback, they could use that to build a better (and more profitable) game, etc. But we don’t know the general direction of the game, we don’t know the changes they consider, we don’t really know anything, so we’re strapped when it comes to giving constructive feedback. That’s not good for anybody.

In particular, in one of the other threads, @Pete made a comment that, to paraphrase, down played the value of feedback on that thread and said the poll “wasn’t funny”. Whether or not he/she intended it, it sounded like they (and by extension, flare as a whole) really didn’t care about feedback if it was negative. And the poll itself was definitely statistically valid, if not entirely accurately. There were around 110 (edit: that’s 113) responses and nearly half of them said they would likely quit (edit: with a further 12% definitely quitting). That’s not nothing, even when accounting for inherent bias (forum people are on the forum to give feedback/complain), and I think that poll, especially if it gets more responses, should worry flare. They should ask themselves why this poll is the way it is, not dismiss it as a joke (it clearly wasn’t). I urge players to vote on it and get their friends/alliances to respond to the poll, so that it can be more statistically valid and erode the only-forum-goers bias. It could be an extremely valuable poll for flare, should they accept its findings. 

 What I think flare should do for 5.0 if there is one, is to go back on their completed systems and make them better. I believe one of the major issues in RR2 is burnout; players are getting tired of the same old stuff. Even the new conquest feature is only there sometimes, and seems to be your basic pay-play-win structure (but we’ll see). Wars have problems that need to be addressed (they’re boring and devoid of strategy), there’s precious little incentive to raid outside wars, ninja events are all the same, every event, pro leagues are good but it’s still pay-to-play-ish because of the high cost for tickets. And now they got rid of donating (of course that was going to be exploited, why wasn’t that obvious?), there’s less way for players to get in. Making features more difficult to access doesn’t nevessarily make players pay to make up for it, they’ll just stop using that feature, leaving only the spenders and making the feature even less accessible to players that maybe otherwise would’ve spent on it. Not a great long term business solution. But they said they would be fixing that so we’ll see how that goes.

And finally, there’s the community and the poor way communication is implemented in RR2. Forums are great but only like, 5% (a guess) of players actually visit it, and what they see is… well, you know how it is here. We need to have better communication and interaction in game so we can get closer as a community and keep players locked in after joining. Players leave when they have nothing to lose by doing so. Players won’t leave when they have close friends there. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again: I used to play a game called Age of Legends. That game lasted for years longer than it should’ve because of the incredibly tight knit community that formed. Anyone could message anybody else quickly and easily, comments stayed around forever, clans (alliances) had their own comment wall where anyone could post, you could sticky your own posts (and clans could sticky clan wall posts), and the best part, there was an in game forum. You could connect with the top players just as easily as brand new ones and most players were eager to give advise and simply chat. That was a great system! And in comparison, RR2, while so much more technically advanced than that simple text game, utterly falls short. Players that make friends and feel as though they are an integral part of the community don’t leave. Players that don’t leave eventually spend. Doing this is a smart business decision that also helps us players and really, who could be against better communication? It’s a win-win. That should probably be in suggestions and I’m sure I’ve posted a thread about it there, but it piggy backs on the whole communication issue. Flare doesn’t communicate with us, we can’t communicate with each other. Awkward. 

Remember, forums are roudy places. Be respectful and try to be as constructive as possible when discussing things. Try to see where a player may get their complaints from, and ask them to explain further if you don’t understand. Perhaps said player has a valid complaint they simply didn’t  word correctly. That goes for you too, flare and @Pete. If you don’t want feedback, don’t give us a forum to give feedback on. We’re only trying to help. 

Congrats for reading this far! Here’s a cookie… no, not for you, NO!.. SUSAN! Come get your damn cat out of my cookie jar!

Edit: Correctly identified the dev that posted that comment as Pete, not paste. Sorry Paste!

There really was no need for a new topic on this issue. You could (and should) post this in one of the other topics.



There wasn’t a topic that fit this. If you read it you would see that it isn’t necessarily about 4.0. in fact, it has little to do with the the recent updates.

cm’on man, I paid 3 cents to see this topic

I think you are 100% right. Right now, all flare needs to do is clean up the game. There should be no more updates until they fix the mistakes that have been made in the past

Wish I could get paid for this thread! I had to get both my roommates rent today and I’m broke lol

But in all seriousness, yeah. Going back and fixing old code is tough, especially when it wasn’t designed for backwards maintainability, but it’s necessary at this point. The game’s foundation is too weak to support the features they’re adding on.

Yeah, we need to remember that this game is 4 years old, also. 4 years is a pretty long time for a game to stick around, but I think this game certainly had at least another 18 months left in the tank before the botches made over the past few days

Good post. 

I have a belief that the new adjustments will work themselves out over the next weeks.  Players that really worked on their defenses will finally start to show it.  Players that didn’t… well that will show too.  I believe the idea with offense is to get players more inventive in attack strategies!

I also Agree Most strongly that something should have been/ desperately needs to be done with the in game communication. The chat has to be one of the worst least personal horrors of communication anyone has every seen!

I see alliance gold as a huge issue for teams not maxed out [like mine…lol]

But that’s my 2 cents … now you have 4???

I like what you say Quantum but just one problem you mention version 5.0. You know the version will arrive just in August 2019 if there is one? I don’t think with the mess with 4.0 people will wait 1 year to have a game who work and all.

Here’s the thing, many players might leave but others will join. Flare probably has fairly accurate retention data and I’d love to see that but from an outside perspective I’d say that the game still has plenty of staying power left. Remember, we are a very small and very active portion of the community, so we are much more “plugged in” to changes like rebalancing. It’s likely many players won’t even know there were significant balance changes (but they will see the 4.0 update, obviously). 

I don’t think RR2 is going anywhere soon; the reason I think flare should be concerned with the findings of that poll is due to the fact that it represents an erosion of the community more than players actually leaving. Games don’t die, communities die, and take games with them. Even if more players join than leave, no one spends on a dead, bitter community. The process isn’t short, but its inevitable.

My prediction is that the game will remain profitable through at least 2019 and most of 2020, but after that, Flare will have to either overhaul the game completely to retain the declining number of players joining, or work on RR3. By that time RR2 would’ve been around for 6-7 years, which isn’t bad at all.

I don’t think RR2 will survive until 2020 not with less than 10k players. With 12% player who leaving if they really leaving. I don’t think if only still like 1k players with 4.0 impact I give maybe 5 month maximum only if Conquest is a sucess. If Conquest is a fail let’s say 1 month maximum

Its because of Susan all this mess. Bad susan bad susan. She should have stay away of all this


I have no idea where you’re getting your numbers but they’re almost definitely not accurate. 113 people (since I checked) responded to that poll, which would mean that 11.3% of players had to have responded. That’s an extremely high number, considering most players I know don’t even visit the forums at all.

Usually, active users on an app can be generalized as a positive skew bell curve, where the peak is near to the launch date. After that its a slow decline. We’re probably pretty far to the right on the curve, suggesting that users leave quite infrequently, but fewer players join. Still, the curve is pretty flat at this point and its not likely that one update will shake it so much that the game will collapse in 6 months never mind 1 month.

Here’s an example of what the graph may look like, but with different parameters

I presume you talk about my 10k players? Easy when I have restarted in March I was ranked 200k. The majority like you forgot you must remove all useless accounts

  • Inactives (Pretty sure over 40% are just inactives account also my previous account who still in the game for I don’t know which reason)

  • Fake Account and multi accounts (some have 20 some have 30 accounts and the majority have 2 or 3 accounts)

Remove all of this factors. the real number must be close of just 10k players like OR with 20k. No I’m not joking probably the right number

So yes RR2 have touch the curve and the bottom of the hell over 1 year ago.

with 4.0 its obvious the number will continue to drop again and again

So its cool to be positive but at the point to believe RR2 will survive until 2020. Just no impossible. Not at the speed RR2 lost players. The number drop each weeks

PS : if you don’t believe me take 10 minutes ingame and check Alliance Top 2000 to Top 1000. Full of inactives at 80%. You see 1/32 or 5/65 or 12/50 where 3/4 are inactives. Maybe just top 800 who are full maybe and actives the rest below are dead

if you do by example 800 X 60 = 48,000 + maybe some at below so in the best around 60,000


I thought you said 1 thousand, my bad! 1k would’ve been preposterous, 10k is much more likely, but I think its a bit higher than that. 15k unique players would be my estimate. That’s not really based on anything though as its very difficult to calculate with the limited communication we have. Also, give 4.0 some time, we’re not going to see any obvious impact of the recent updates/changes for a bit at least.

Just the time will say what happen to RR2 soon enough…

Here’s some data for you @Warriornator

They only track iphone and ipad downloads, but both look pretty good. Compound that for android and windows and other devices and you’re looking at maybe 4000 downloads per day. Of these, roughly 15% of players might be retained, from here:

That’s without windows users, which accounted for a significant portion of revenue in 2016, from:

So that’s ± 600 retained players per day. For the game to be considered dying, 600 players per day would have to leave. That seems rather high to me.

Something else to consider. A product or service will generally start off costing a lot, called market scraping. Then it gets cheaper as the company producing it tries to cast a wider net, so to speak. At the end of the product’s lifetime, the company raises the price to try to get as much money as possible from the remaining users, because those users are willing to pay more instead of jumping ship. Flare’s actions somewhat follow that trend. They added ninja events and festivals, which made revenue, probably, but weren’t necessarily cash grabs. Pro league, same, though the price was a little steep and shows some sign of maybe approaching end of life phase. This update, I think, is likely the last major one as RR2 enters its long end-of-life phase (that could take years before the product actually loses its profitability). This would be proven by flare making more obvious cash-grab moves. The developers say they have plenty to add though, so we’ll see. IMO, they should consider planning for a sequel instead of extending RR2 much more.

you forgot something maybe 600 per day but the statistics in mobile games show 85% of new players stop playing after 14 days. So left maybe 90 who stay its not much

That’s 600 retained players per day, out of my estimated (and probably lowballed) 4000 total downloads per day.

and? 85% will stop. its not the 15% who will make RR2 survive. I don’t think so

read this you will understand more :