My account got a trouble in transfer process

hey admn. I m super_Newking general of league of shadows. because of so many viruses in my pc I have to uninstall my game and transfer from mobile to pc. But currently my game was not responding to transfer process it was going hard for me to play from phone in comparing to pc. So please help me out in that.  I had already booked my complain 41145 but didn’t get the response. Plz resolve the issue and transfer super_Newking to ign 123bsnl. Thanks  

This is the major issue related to the game , when direct contact to help they only said if you lost your account permanently otherwise we cant help ,but they have to do. Any admin you must have to help the guy in this issue

The support team sometimes takes some days to answer. Hint: They don’t work Saturdays or Sundays so don’t expect a reply today.

Also, if you’re really that user, you have to take in consideration that you have to bring some information in the ticket so they can verify that’s you ( don’t post that info here).


The support does not work during the weekend, so you have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get an answer.

Sorry for the troubles.

He is playing in top Alliance & he is also an big player so FG have to help soon as possible, ? big players spend so many money on your game & you just say you have to wait ? I think you have to help him as fast as possible.