My Aliance Deleted By Flaregames Admin?

Hallo I Play This Game Long Time and i have 2 times maybe more i dont know but i know my last visit in this game I have a Aliance Name INTERNATIONAL ELITE 2/4 I don’t know in my team I invest to much money in this alliance and you guys just delete my alliance? I have last update from rising and my phone. My last visit just 30 days before  from this last gaming time and yesterday I go inside game and see my alliance was deleted :radioactive:bad English sorry my friendos I hope you competento this problemo :arrow_heading_down:??:writing_hand:??:v:

Hello DeChechen,

This is unfortunate, but an automatic system. If nobody else is in your alliance and you have been inactive for 30 days, it will get deleted.

Thanks for your understanding.