My alliance's conquest score. First Conquest! It was Great.

Conquest event is ending in a few hours. INDIA ONE ALLIANCE was in the top second tier in the conquest. But, OH MY GOD, we got a very good conquest score. The other alliances are not even near us. Have a look!

It’s all about building watchtower and gaining special tiles. Wars only help you to protect your score and lower theirs by beating their watchtowers. Having said that, you can win the conquest even by not having a single war. 

To be honest, it’s not smart to score too high, next conquest you will suffer the consequences (sad, but I expect next time, just score enough conquest points above heavenly haven, to secure victory). It depends on layer, but in our situation 150 points score is good enough for the heavenly heaven, in your layer it might be 200. Just score high enough, upgrade watchtowers and don’t collect the upgrades. Only when another team starts to get a higher score, click on that upgrade button to collect it. Then you will easily pass your opponent again. 

I think main problem is that we didn’t have a lot of information and it was learn by doing. Some teams are pretty organized and know what to do pretty fast. We also did share that knowledge amongst our members pretty fast. I think your team also figured out pretty fast what added conquest score. 

We for example didn’t start to build watchtowers direct, we saw other teams score go up and didn’t have a clue what was causing that. After first watchtower being build, we understood. 

And what was your experience and what was your role in this conquest? Just to be curious. Did you fight in many wars, or did you defend, scout?

I was one of the leading players in one of our fronts. We did deal a tremendous blow to our competitors, one which they never did recover from. I fought in 12+ wars, didn’t lose a single one in our direction, where I did participate. It was good teamwork, with a climax of winning 6 wars within less than 30 minutes. That forced them to defend their claimed land, in our direction we had a lot of tiles that could be claimed by that. They needed to defend the mountain passage. And even more important, the road to center from that side was secured, so troops in the center could focus on defending there, one sorrow less. 

We secured all those directions to he center and to our stronghold, so that meant victory. Still, building too many watchtowers can bring you into deep trouble next time. 

Congratulations @KingAdityaKumar for winning your first conquest!


About 8 pals to donate. Really good perks. Too many pearls. Also, about 80 gems.

@Madlen this reflects the actual participation of allies in this mode. I would put the gif apart and think about this…

P.s.: I sound like a b1tch to you and I know, but you are kind of new here, and very kind in general, and I want to warn you that situation is far to be positive…

Yeah, I wouldn’t celebrate this at all, to get that place your team must have worked a lot, and the prizes they gave you for it were meaningless…

Maybe you dont know that your alliance has had to make a deal with mine  tto make hat score inform yourself before speaking and dont post fake result


I guess you forget easily. IOA was on top from the start. We generals invested a lot of time collecting and understanding information that was given on this event by the developers. This event was all about teamwork, managing players, placing them correctly on map, making strategy and better execution. You guys missed something I guess. Also, after 4 days the point difference between IOA and your Alliance was so huge that even if you guys tried, I don’t think you could have filled that gap. I have SS of the scores, I can show you if you forgot that. Oh and about that “DEAL”,  as far as I remember, it was you guys who “BEGGED” us not to attack you guys and leave you alone, as you wanted 2nd place. I personally defeated your Alliance member’s attack 4 times in a day. Well you couldn’t have grabbed 1st place, that was impossible. So before criticizing other’s hardwork and victory, first man up and accept your failures. There is always someone above you, that you have to accept. And this is a game, one has to win and others have to loose, that’s how it works.

Hello friend,

So you are from one pience143 alliance, I have a real friend in your alliance, we tried very hard for your alliance , you can ask him, Actually the deal was not that we need 1st place, the deal was that we wanted to make your alliance 2nd rank because we wanted to teach a lesson to other enemy alliance for their betrayal , and We did our best to make your alliance rank2, and you should confirm 1st what was the deal, and please don’t fool yourself that we were not ready for your attack if you brrak the deal, there were always 20 members at you border and we could have send even more faster incase of emergency.

I will give you the map here and rest would decide, forget about you.

And sorry if it hurts, aditya is a child you should have forget it.

And with the image let the one who understood this conquest decide what would have happened in case of attack

We could have reached  at any site within an hour, we had reseeched -60% movement cost in alliance territory.


you’re right you were more organized than us, you’ve been better than us in this conquest and I’ve estimated your alliance for this, lost estimate when I find a negative comment to my post recruitment alliance by your player saying that had the scree to say that my alliance is not good, I could also post the screens of the war where we do 180K and you only 80k against us, I repeat that I post photos here I do not care bothered me that you comment on my post recruitment I do not comment yours so do the same thanks. this is a forum for important discussions not to play “who is the strongest”

Brother we can’t control everyone, We had not told Aditya to post anything.  And as I said earlier we can’t control everyone the lose against you was because of that only, some of the members disobeyed us and invaded deep in your territory at almost 7/8 tiles away from your stronghold so we decided to not send help to those guys, because even after lose they could have joined us in no time , so all part of the strategy.

And yes we don’t want to disrespect anyone , and I was forced to comment on this.

and yeah this should explain everything and I also don’t want anymore comment here.

And good news for you we are not participating from next conquest.


Why you don’t participate next conquest, just out of curiosity? 

Brother because this was the 1st conquest war and we were pumped up, but it required a great amonut of activity and We were exhausted managing all the guys and contacting them for to move and to attack. And I am preparing for my competitive exams as well and by playing conquest it’s not possible. And add to that the personal rewards for kings are too less for 8 days of rigorous hardwork,so they will hardly listen us.

That’s why our alliance has decided not to participate in conquest event any more.

Hope I am clear to you bro.



Thank you for explaining your situation.

Sounds like similar story, our members were also exhausted, with this alliance chat impossible to coordinate all members. I already gave enough comments on those ‘fantastic’ rewards, I can only say your team makes the right decision. 

Too bad for the team facing you on that map, but that’s not your team their problem. Good luck with your exams.

Thanks bro☺️

That was a good one. Still they had 3rd place. After losing a few wars, they had around 60% skull bonus, then also, they failed. Deal, haha, beggers. 


This means no rewards any more. 

Put the latest screenshot which is on top. 272 conquest points.